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Managing Time and Being More Productive as a Creative Professional

I’ve done a lot of things over the course of my creative career. In addition to working as a freelance illustrator, I’ve run a blog, written many tutorials, made videos, built websites, written books, kept an ongoing webcomic, and on and on. And one of the biggest questions I get is – Where the heck do you find the time??

The truth is, I don’t always know the answer to this question, and I have not always succeeded. It’s one of my biggest challenges. There have been times when I feel like tearing my hair out under all the stress. Recently I sat down and tried to evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t, what has driven my career forward, and what has gotten in the way. Here are some of the thoughts I gathered…
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Advice for New Illustrators and Art School Graduates

You just graduated from art school. Congratulations! Now what?

There is a lot of ambiguous advice out there like “get your name out there” and “create a portfolio” – but how exactly do you do it? Based on my experience, here are some essential and very specific things I think you should do.

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Making Minicomics

Making a Minicomic by Dani Jones

I am prepping for some shows I will be attending (MECAF in May and Kids Read Comics in June). I didn’t have any new comics printed since last year, so I decided to make up some minicomics featuring my short Zombie Bunny comic. I’m also reprinting my Captain Bacon comic which I sold as a mini last year.

I love doing these quick homemade type books, and I love buying them from other artists as well. They’ve got an indie-artist-handmade-craftiness to them that I like vs. the pro printed books.

I’ve seen other artists make both down-and-dirty-photocopied-stapled numbers and the really-fancy-expensive-paper-individually-screen-printed kind. Mine are on the cheaper side, but I decided to use some colored cardstock to pretty them up a bit. I thought I’d share my process. Enjoy, and MAKE COMICS!
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