Monsters Vs. Kittens

Stan Lee’s Kids Universe, 2013

Monsters Vs. Kittens is a children’s picture book that combines the big and scary with the cute and cuddly.

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Monsters Vs. Kittens on Amazon.com

iPad For Artists

Ilex Press, 2013

iPad For Artists is an instructional book I wrote about drawing and painting on the iPad.

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iPad For Artists on Amazon.com

Frosty the Gourdman

Frosty the Gourdman is a short story comic about a monster who rises from the pumpkin patch on Halloween night. It was co-written and illustrated by me and my sister, Nicole Jones.

The comic is available to read/view at its main website,


My Sister, the Freak

My Sister, the Freak is a webcomic completely created, written, and illustrated by me. The story is about two sisters who are learning to deal with life, family, and alien invaders.

The comic is updated with a new page every week and is available to read at its main website,


Time for Daffodils

SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2008

Time for Daffodils was a picture book published by SRA/McGraw-Hill as part of their "What’s the Story?" contest. I was asked to illustrate the winning entry by teacher Sherri Campbell.

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The Best Mariachi in the World

Raven Tree Press, 2008

The Best Mariachi in the World was the second picture book I illustrated. It is about a young boy named Gustavo who wants to be in his family’s mariachi band. It was written by J.D. Smith.

Mariachi book blog

Mariachi on Amazon.com

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Price Stern Sloan, 2006

Elfis is the first picture book I ever illustrated. It is a holiday story about an elf who magically transforms into a rock n’ rollin’ songster and saves Christmas. It was written by Alan Katz and Peter Fornatale.

Elfis on Amazon.com

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