Business Only

For freelance inquiries, please contact me with details about your project, and I will get back to you ASAP with my schedule/availability.


Alternate Email:

Telephone: (603) 499-1183

For work in the children’s industry, you may also contact:

Tugeau 2 Artist Representatives [website]
Nicole Tugeau phone: (216) 707-0854 email:

Use this info for anything business related, including freelance illustration inquiries, media requests, proposals, permissions, or anything urgent and time-sensitive. If you are just looking for advice or want to ask a question, use the email address below.

A special note for independent authors and self-publishers: Please read this and this before contacting me for help with a submission or self-published project.


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Questions and Requests

If you have a question or want advice about art, illustration, process, etc. please do NOT use my business email listed above. I’ve made a special address for you here:

Here are some notes and guidelines about this email:

    • Read the FAQ first. I’m not going to answer any questions that are already available there.
    • Use this email for all non-urgent, non-business-related correspondence. If it gets sent to my business email, I may delete it.
    • I will only check this email account every few weeks or so, so please do not send time-sensitive requests. If you need an interview for a school project or something, plan ahead and send it well in advance. If you’re short on time, my FAQ and blog has lots of info you can report on.
    • By sending a question to this email, you must be ok with me possibly sharing the question publicly on my blog, including your name and direct quotes from your email.
    • I will try to be as helpful as possible and answer as many emails that I can, but I do not guarantee a reply to everyone.

That being said, do not let all my "rules" scare you. I love receiving comments, talking shop, and helping people out. I just want everyone to have clear expectations before sending their email, and not be offended if I don’t get around to replying. Following these guidelines helps me be efficient with my time and is your best bet to getting an answer to your question. This should allow me to help MORE of you out in the long run. Do feel free to drop me a note anytime.

Other networks:

Friends and artists, feel free to friend, follow, watch, and comment on the various social networks. I love hearing from you!

My main social network of choice is Twitter:

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  • I am based in the U.S. in the Eastern time zone.

  • Please do not call unless you have a business inquiry. Direct all questions, interviews, and miscellaneous requests via email.

  • Do not send important messages via social networks or blog comments. It is easy to lose track of them. Please use email instead.