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Scrooge on My iPad

A doodle I made on my iPad last night. I realized I hadn’t drawn any Christmas Carol art this year yet (I seem to do it every year). So there ya go.

Made a video too:

A Sketch, a Video, and an Art Supply Review

Here is an ink and watercolor sketch I made of my comic character Frosty the Gourdman. I recorded the making of the entire sketch and made some comments about my process. You can view the video here:

If you would like to hang this painting up on your wall, I have the original up for sale in my store here.

I used this sketch to try out and review some art supplies I received from Pentel. Overall, I was very happy with them!

Click for the full review and pics!

Captain Bacon Page Process Video

I found this random screencap on my computer that I forgot I recorded. This is me inking a page of my comic The Adventures of Captain Bacon. It was done in Adobe Illustrator. Enjoy!