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Dani’s Videos #11: Digital Ink and Paint

This is a small line and color job done on the computer. I first created my drawing using Adobe Illustrator, then copied it into Photoshop to put some basic paint onto it.

For more information about this process, see my previous posts here:



Download the video here: Digital Ink and Paint (Quicktime, 3:45, 12.41 MB)

Dani’s Videos #9: Fairy

Working with paths in Photoshop isn’t quite as extensive as Adobe Illustrator, but it is enough to create some pretty fun images. In this video, I experiment with the pen tool in Photoshop, utilizing shape layers to create my basic shapes. The beauty of using Photoshop is that I was then able to use the brush tool to add texture and color.

I have been experimenting with more ways to make my technique and methods clear to you viewers. I tried to zoom in on the menus and palettes, and I included a more variety of views to get an overall feel for my workflow. I hope this looks a tad better. Let me know what you think.

Video: Fairy (Quicktime, 4:38, 6.1 MB)

Dani’s Videos #8: Painting a Hero

Painting a Hero

This is a head study that I painted in Photoshop in an attempt to create a more traditional painterly image. You’ll probably recognize this guy if you watch the TV show Heroes.

I’ve done something a bit different for this video than I’ve done previously. Here, I’ve recorded my entire screen so you can see what I am doing in Photoshop. I’ve also encoded this video at a larger size so you can see it better. I hope you like the changes. Enjoy!

Find notes for this video at DaniDraws.com.

Video: “Painting a Hero” (Quicktime, 3:20, 1.1 MB)