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How to Make Your Digital Paint More “Real”

How to Make Your Digital Paint More Real

I like painting on the computer. I think the Layers palette and the Undo button are the greatest inventions in the world. However, I don’t like to create digital-looking artwork.

By “digital”, I am referring to artwork that’s utilizes flat color, precise shapes and curves, and calculated effects. There are plenty of artists out there with this style, and some of them are pretty darn good at it, but I am simply a painter. I like all the playful messiness that it involves. You would probably understand why I don’t like working in Adobe Illustrator that much; I only use it to create some occasional line work. But the advantages of the computer are too great to ignore (not to mention there is a significant lack of clean-up time).

I am constantly working to make my digital paintings look better, richer, and more interesting. Here is a small list of tips that I’ve come up with on my continuing journey.

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