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Advice for New Illustrators and Art School Graduates

You just graduated from art school. Congratulations! Now what?

There is a lot of ambiguous advice out there like “get your name out there” and “create a portfolio” – but how exactly do you do it? Based on my experience, here are some essential and very specific things I think you should do.

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Spec Work and the Pixish Debate


Earlier this month, a site called Pixish popped up on the radar of illustrators everywhere and has ignited a lot of criticism and debate.

The problem? Spec work. When I first heard of this website, it was the first thing to come into my mind. But Pixish has denied the claims. I’ve waited to write anything about the subject so I could do the appropriate research and really gather my thoughts, but after all that, I’ve found that my original gut feeling was not too far off.

I know many of you readers are students and amateur illustrators. If you do not know about the issue of spec work, I would encourage you to take a moment and familiarize yourself. In this article, I’ll give you a little review, and also let you know why Pixish worries me so much.

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How to Find Names for Your Mailing List


When you start out as a freelance illustrator, the first thing you have to do is get your name out and make sure your work is getting in front of the right art directors, editors, and designers out there. But how do you find them and which ones do you send your samples, postcards, and proposals to? Here are various ways that I’ve used to gather names for my own mailing list…

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