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Taking on Illustration Friday‘s topic of “Sail” this week… I actually made more than one illo!

Started off with a pretty straightforward sketch:

Then I tried to make something other than a boat, and sketched out this bird. Still don’t really know how it applies. Probably because it’s “sailing” through the air.

Then I created a sailor. To switch it up, I finished it as a black line drawing in Illustrator instead of painting it.

The Blues

Sadly, I think a lot of girls go through days like this in school.

This is my Illustration Friday submission for the week. I went through some of my old sketches and chose this to color and finish. I’m kinda glad I found this one because the IF theme got me using a color scheme I probably wouldn’t have used otherwise.


I don’t really have time to make a full illustration this week, but I was recently tagged by m.b, and since this seems to be an Illustration Friday thing, I’ve decided to paste it onto my “Cars” sketch.

So, here are seven random things about me:

1. My favorite type of food is Mexican, followed closely by fried chicken.

2. I am a triplet. I have two sisters who are identical to me. No, we never tried to fool our teachers while we were in school. However, one of my sisters and I made the other cry when we tried to fool her.

3. To blow off steam, I like to play Contra.

4. I am currently subscribed to about 195 art related blogs. Yes, I look at each new post; yes, it takes a lot of time; and yes, I need a life.

5. There are four or five other more important jobs that I can be working on right now instead of writing this post.

6. My favorite flowers are lilacs.

7. I hate drawing cars.


This is a Photoshop texture experiment that turned into a sketch that turned into a final painting.

Gosh, I wish that happened every day.

This is my Illustration Friday submission for the week. It’s kinda based on the YA novel The Giver, so I thought it was appropriate. Comments and critiques are welcome.