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Daily Doodles – Week 1

With all the illustrating, blogging, working, and business stuff that I do, I rarely have time to draw for FUN anymore. Weeks (or months!) can separate one page in my sketchbook from the next, and blog posts around here have become much too infrequent. That is just ridiculous!

So, I have recently resolved to creating at least one drawing a day, just for me. I just finished the first week. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

I am really liking the results. Just the one little sketch per day is doing wonders for my creativity. I like the cute, and sometimes very random stuff that is coming out.

I have also added a store to my website, so I will also be selling the original sketches. Just browse right on over there if you want one. I’ll keep posting new ones weekly, too.

Tough Teddy

He’s a pretty macho guy, isn’t he?

This is a small piece I finished today. It is a 4″x6″ mixed-media painting on paper.

I am putting this painting up for sale, if anyone is interested. The price is $175. Just drop me an e-mail to make an inquiry (my address can be found in my profile).

Here’s a quick look at the making of this painting: