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Download “My Sister, the Freak”


For those of you who follow my webcomic My Sister, the Freak, I just posted the final page to the first chapter. I am now making the first issue (containing the Prologue and Chapter 1) available for download as PDF and CBZ files.

These files will make it possible to read the comic on your computer or favorite mobile device, like iPhones and iPads. Note that you will need the correct software; there are many free and cheap apps that will read these files – I recommend GoodReader or ComicZeal.

Of course, you can always read the comic for free on the web at mysisterthefreak.com too.

The download is only $.99. You can purchase it here.


ripple_pelican ripple_seaturtle

Artist Kelly Light was devastated by the news of the recent oil spill in the gulf. So, she decided to do something about it!

Kelly started a site called Ripple. On it, she is selling sketch cards created by her and many other artists, with 100% of the proceeds going toward helping the animal victims affected by the spill.

The above pieces of artwork are my contributions to Ripple. Visit the site to buy some great artwork and help out a good cause!

Store Re-Launch

I recently renovated my store page in an attempt to make it easier to browse and purchase stuff. There are currently a few prints, original artwork, and downloads available, and I intend to update and add stuff on a regular basis.

New Features and Notable Changes

  • A simpler shopping cart built into the site will make it easier to keep track of stuff. Payments are still processed through PayPal.

  • All shipping is FREE.

  • I’m starting to sell digital downloadable products. This is exciting because you can buy and receive stuff instantly. There is currently only one product (a PDF of my NESCBWI workshop), but I intend to fill this section with tutorials, videos, and digital comics in the future, so keep an eye on this page.

  • People can now leave comments or reviews on the product pages. If you buy anything from me, I would love to hear any feedback, good or bad, about the what you purchased. It will help me improve the products and store in the future, and will also help shoppers as they make buying decisions. Thanks for your support!

To browse the store, go here: http://store.danidraws.com

Improving Your Online Presence

Thoughts from NESCBWI 2010

Last week at the New England SCBWI conference, I taught a workshop called 10 Ways Artists Can Improve Their Online Presence. During the class, I talked about various ways and methods that I have used to market myself on the internet. As some of you might know, I have a blog, a Twitter account, a Ustream show, and a smattering of other online profiles in various places across the web. They have all helped me network with industry people, improve my artwork, learn about the business, and sell stuff.

In my workshop, I did my best to share some of the lessons I have learned along the way. These are some of the more important points I brought up during the conference:

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DaniDraws.com Store SALE


I am in the process of clearing out my store page in order to make room for new stuff. All of the sketches, doodles, and paintings I’ve been making over the past year and a half or so are now available to buy for lower-than-you’re-ever-gonna-see-again prices.

All artwork is being sold for $12 or less. Most are either $1 or $4!

This sale will end on March 31. After that time, I am going to take all these sketches and stick them in a box and hide them in a corner forever. Or I might give them away to friends. Or I might just throw them out. Whatever the case, these sketches will never be available to buy ever again.

If you want to buy anything, you just need to email me with the list of stuff you want.

Happy Shopping! http://store.danidraws.com

A Monster-a-Day

October is here! I have a fun little project planned… Throughout the month, I am going to be painting one monster per day. I will be painting each one live every weekday on my Ustream show. Come by and chat and see the fun Halloween-y artwork.

I will add the images to this post as I complete them. Visit the site throughout the month or watch the live broadcast to see the artwork as it is being created.

Each piece will be painted with gouache on bristol, measuring 2.5″x3.5″ in size.

Ustream Fun!

As part of the festivities, I will be giving away a monster doodle every Friday. All you have to do to qualify is show up and login to the chat room with your Ustream account. One user will be chosen randomly at the end of the show. See the Dani Draws LIVE page for rules and info about Ustream giveaways and deals.

Buy Monster Art

The finished monster art will be made available for sale for $20 each. Please visit the store if you would like to purchase one. I will also make the links available here as I post each image.

Because this is a personal project I am doing for my own fun and goals, I will be painting subjects of my own choosing. However, I’ve decided to open up a week’s worth of painting for requests if any of you would enjoy a custom commission.

    UPDATE: All custom monster commission slots have been taken! Thank you to those who ordered.

    Commissioned pieces will be painted on the Ustream show during the week of October 19-23. Episodes will be recorded in case you miss the live show.

Here’s the artwork: