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Summer Wonder – New art and sketchbook!

The Storm by Dani Jones danidraws.com

I’m happy to announce my latest finished personal project SUMMER WONDER. It is a series of illustrations, plus sketchbook.

The project was born during the Art of Personal Projects course that I took over the summer, put on by the Lamp Post Guild and taught by Cory Godbey. The class was a huge inspiration and fun to participate in. Thanks for the great class LPG!

I was excited to experiment with different subjects and media. I used a combination of gouache and digital techniques to do the paintings. I explained a lot of the process in my previous sneak peek blog post. I’m really pleased with the results!

Check out the project!




P.S. I have a print book in the works. It should be available soon. If you want to be notified when it is, you can sign up for my newsletter.

UPDATE: I’ve put up a preorder link for signed copies of the paperback book here. Wide release on Amazon.com and other distributors should go up soon.

Starfleet Girl Tee Now Available!


I recently found out that I won a runner-up prize in the Star Trek design contest over at welovefine.com! I won with this Starfleet Girl design, and it is now available to buy over on the We Love Fine site. (And in case you missed them the first time, check out the rest of the designs I made in my previous post.)

Here are the shirt links:



P.S. If you end up buying this shirt, I want to see PICTURES.

Monsters INK and INKtober

Monsters INK by Dani Jones http://danidraws.com

*** UPDATE: Inktober is done! The entire series is available as a digital sketchbook here or as a poster here. ***

I will be participating in a sketch challenge called INKtober throughout the month. Check out Jake Parker’s blog for the details if you’d like to draw along. The gist is this: Make one ink drawing on a regular basis throughout the month of October.

I will be adding my sketches to this post as I go. You will also be able to follow my INKtober updates on my Twitter and Instagram feeds. (And if you want to see ALL the INKtober sketches, search for the #INKtober hashtag on all the major social whatnots.)

Original Art

I will also be posting each original work up for sale as soon as I finish them. Each purchase will also come with a FREE digital sketchbook that will contain all the pieces in the series. The book will be delivered automatically to your email once it is completed around November 1.

You can buy them at this link:

Click here for more behind-the-scenes stuff!

Christmas Super Sale!

Starting today, grab some comics, books, original artwork, and prints in my store and get some great discounts! This is the perfect time to share one of my comics with a kid or friend, or maybe get a unique commission for a special Christmas gift.

Here’s an outline of the deals, available for a limited time only:

BLACK FRIDAY Print blowout

To start things off, this entire weekend you can grab any of my prints for only $10 – that’s over 40% off my regular price. The deal ends on Sunday November 25.

I added some new art to the print section, and if there is a particular piece from my website or blog that caught your attention that isn’t there, you are welcome to contact me and ask about it. (I’ll print whatever I can, but I can’t make any guarantees due to client copyrights and such!)

View all prints here.


If you are a fan of my webcomic, or want to share it with someone you love, this is a great starter bundle! Get the Volume 1 paperback of my comic, plus a watercolor character sketch, two digital PDF ebooks, and a Captain Bacon minicomic for one low price.

Buy here.

The DANI Pack

This is an easy way to grab copies of all my print books in one fell swoop. Includes my comics MSTF Vol. 1, Frosty the Gourdman, Dark Mischief Volume 2 (featuring ZOMBIE BUNNY), and the Captain Bacon minicomic. And to top it off, I will also draw a pencil sketch of any of my characters.

Buy here.

Commissions are OPEN

Get a custom original painting from me. I rarely open up my time for these anymore, so this is your rare opportunity to get some original art from me. I am opening up 10 slots, and I’m closing to all requests on December 8. There are two sizes and price points available.

Learn more about commissions here.

All orders received by December 15 are expected to ship out from me by December 20 via USPS Priority Mail. This means all U.S. customers should get their stuff by Christmas (according to the recommendations on the USPS website). International customers, I recommend you order before December if you are getting a gift.

Thank you, and Happy Shopping!

New My Sister the Freak Digital Edition

For those of you who may not follow my webcomic My Sister the Freak (or maybe you do and in that case you are AWESOME), I just wanted to let you know that I just finished the first chapter of the second book. You can read it all right now, along with the entire first book, over on the comic site mysisterthefreak.com.

You can now download Chapter 1 as a PDF for convenient reading on your tablet device or computer. For the first week (until Nov 20) you can get it for 50% off. Grab it here.

Dark Mischief Volume 2

Dark Mischief, a spooky comic anthology put together by Jenni Gregory of Ka-Blam and Indyplanet, has just released its second volume which includes my short comic ZOMBIE BUNNY. Perfect for the Halloween season! You can buy a copy over at Indyplanet here (or if you prefer to read on your tablet, you can grab a digital copy).

There is a wide variety of stories and styles featured in the anthology (check out the Dark Mischief main page for previews!). Last year’s Volume 1 is also available to buy.

I have a very limited number of copies to sell if anyone would like a signed copy by me. I will also sketch zombie bunny in the front and include some stickers. Grab it while you can!


Sorry I am so late in announcing this (is Halloween a week away already?!), but even if you don’t catch this for October, it is still a great book that includes lots of great creators. Read it any time of year!

My Sister the Freak Volume 1 Books

I recently got a bunch of My Sister the Freak Volume 1 books in the mail. They look awesome! Thanks to Ka-Blam for the printing job.

This book marks a big milestone for me. It collects the first four issues of MSTF together in one volume to create one full graphic novel. It represents over a year’s worth of work and the completion of my first major writing/comic project. I’m so happy to see this story all together as it should be read.

The book is over 100 pages. Nearly half the book is bonus material, including a peek into my process, activities, and a super guest art section.

I have been slowly but surely getting all the preorders signed, sketched up, and mailed out. Thanks so much to everyone who preordered the book – I could not have gotten the printing done without you!

Every person that took advantage of the preorder is receiving a full-color watercolor sketch. Here is a sampling of some of the sketches I made for the orders already:

Thanks for waiting so patiently while I get these all done. I should have them all mailed off within the next week or so.

Here’s one book that already has a happy home!

[Captain Bacon for Mike!]

If you receive your copy, email or tweet me some pics. I love seeing ’em!

The book is still available in my store. New orders won’t receive the watercolor sketches, but I’ll include a pencil sketch (and I’ll sign the book too of course!). There is limited quantities available. Once I get all the preorders mailed out, I’ll have to figure out just how many I have left. If I run out, you can also order it from IndyPlanet, who can print it on-demand.

And if you don’t want to spend $20, you can also get the digital copy for much cheaper here.


Read the Entire Comic For FREE

FROSTY THE GOURDMAN, the Halloween comic I created with my sister Nicole last year, is now available to read online for free in its entirety. It will be up throughout October. After Halloween, we’re putting it away again. Please read and enjoy!


About Gourdman

If you are unfamiliar with it, Gourdman is a comic we released in fall 2010. It is about 60 pages long. It is one of my most favoritest projects I have ever worked on to date, and it was really a labor of love for my sister and me.

Show Your Love!

If you read the story and enjoy it, you can support it by sharing the comic with your friends or buying books or art from the shop.

We also enjoy hearing your comments and stories. Feel free to leave a comment or review here or on the story page. You can also chat with us on the various social networks or by email. We enjoy sharing our work and love hearing from you!

Special Edition Books For Sale

As part of our special October celebration, Nicole and I are selling special “deluxe” edition books that come signed by us and with a free original character sketch by me. These will also be available only through October, or until supplies last. You can grab one here.

And if you have a fancy e-reader, the PDF version is also on sale for only $3.99! You can get that here.

Thanks so much for all your support! I hope you like the story. Have a very Happy October!

My Sister the Freak Volume 1 Now Available for Preorder!

[flickr id=”6025897786″ thumbnail=”large” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”center”]

After over a year of updates and drawing pages on my webcomic My Sister the Freak, I’m finally able to print and share a complete book with all of you! Volume 1 will contain all four chapters of MSTF so far in one nice paperback edition. Right now, it is going to be about 100 pages. Nearly half of that will be bonus material like process stuff, extra images, activities, etc. The book features a GREAT collection of guest art by some very generous and talented artists. I can’t thank them enough for contributing. I will be featuring them all on the webcomic site in the coming weeks.

PREORDER HERE: http://store.danidraws.com/my-sister-the-freak-volume-1

The preorder will help greatly with printing costs, and I also want to make sure I order enough for dedicated fans and readers of the comic. As an incentive, I am including some limited-time gifts for those who take advantage of the preorder. Here’s the deal:

    All orders received by August 31 will receive an original full-color 5″x7″ painting featuring an MSTF character of your choice. They will be rendered in ink and watercolor on heavyweight bristol paper. Preorderers will also receive the ebook version of Volume 1 for FREE.

If you haven’t read My Sister the Freak yet, you can read it in its entirety online at mysisterthefreak.com.

Once Upon a Time Debuts!

My personal picture book project Once Upon a Time is DONE! If you haven’t been following my blog recently, I’ve been explaining the process of making this book in a series of posts here. I will put up a more detailed update about the launch and future plans once I have a bit of spare time.

In the meantime, you can read the entire story online for free! Check it out here on the book’s main page here: http://danidraws.com/onceuponatime

The digital book is available for sale in both my site store and at The Illustrated Section. It looks great on the iPad! ;)

Kidlit4Japan Benefit Auction

I, along with the rest of the world, was quite shocked and saddened to hear about the recent earthquakes and tsunamis that have devastated Japan. In a generous effort to help out, children’s author Greg Fishbone has gathered children’s and YA authors and illustrators for a benefit auction called Kidlit4Japan.

I have contributed a “My Sister the Freak / Frosty the Gourdman Book and Art Pack” for the cause. It will go up for auction later this week, tentatively Thursday morning (check the Kidlit4Japan website for schedule updates). The auction will last about a week. Here is what is included:

The whole pack is worth around $170, but I will happily send this pack to the winner regardless if the winning bid reaches this amount or not. If you are interested in the pack, please take a moment and bid any amount that you can once the auction goes up.

You can also take a look at all the other Kidlit4Japan auctions to see if there is something else you might be interested in. There are authors, illustrators, editors, and agents offering things like signed books, manuscript critiques, original art, and even the chance to have a character named after you in a book! New auctions will be going up every day by the hour for the next 2 or 3 weeks, starting today. Be sure to check them out.

“My Sister, the Freak” Issue 3 Digital Edition Now Available

Mstf0103 Cover

The digital version of My Sister, the Freak Issue 3 is now available. You can download it in PDF and CBZ formats from my store here. Also, remember to check out Issues 1 & 2. Issue 1 is FREE!

The Illustrated Section Limited-Time Sale

The PDF is also available through The Illustrated Section, an online store containing digital comics and books by MANY different artists and creators. To celebrate the launch, I am offering the download for $.99 this weekend only, and only through The Illustrated Section. After that, it will go up to the normal price of $1.99. Download it at sale price here.

What is My Sister, the Freak?

In case you don’t know, My Sister, the Freak is my ongoing webcomic and it updates with a new page every Saturday. You can read it for free at mysisterthefreak.com. If you haven’t read my webcomic or are behind a few weeks, these digital editions are a nice handy way to catch up. I’ll be starting up Chapter 4 (the last chapter for this particular story) very soon, so this is an ideal time to read the previous issues. :)

Original Art Sale – Store Cleanup Time!

In an attempt to clear out my store page to make room for new projects and art, I am holding a big sale on all the original art and sketch cards that I have listed there currently. AFTER MARCH 15, I AM DUMPING ALL THIS ART. Get it while you can.

Most of the sketch cards are from my Summer of Heroes and Christmas Cards projects that I did last year, plus some miscellaneous sketches I did for fun. All of them are now $10, reduced from $20 and $30.

Buy the art here.


My Sister, the Freak Vol. 1 Iss. 2The Ghosts of PinevilleCleopatra in Space!Monkey & CrocThe Front

Ellie Connelly15 Steps to Freelance IllustrationIn Maps & Legends #1Where the Rainbow Ends

Earlier this month I teased about the new online store for digital comics and illustrated books – The Illustrated Section. Well, it’s officially live and ready! Go take a look.

The site includes comics, picture books, illustration tips and tutorials, and artist sketchbooks. Everything is in PDF format and instantly downloadable. It’s perfect if you are looking to fill your iPad or other mobile device with awesome stuff.

There’s some great content there already. Some of the superb contributors include webcomic artist Mike Maihack; Escape From Illustration Island’s Thomas James; podcaster, comicker, and teacher Jerzy Drozd; picture book artist Will Terry; zero2illo.com founder Jonathan Woodward; children’s book illustrator Bob Ostrom; and many more.

Plus, I am now offering Issue 1 of my webcomic My Sister, the Freak for FREE only in The Illustrated Section! Go get it, and check out the selection of other free downloads on the site. http://theillustratedsection.com/free

PLEASE help spread the word to other artists and art fans. To kick things off, help me promote the launch on Twitter and be qualified to win some sweet prizes!

Here’s the details:




1. Tweet this in its entirety, no edits or additions:

    Introducing THE ILLUSTRATED SECTION! RT for a chance to win ebook and videos by Will Terry. http://tinyurl.com/illosectintro @IlloSection

    Click here to tweet now.

2. You may tweet/retweet up to once a day until midnight EST January 31. All extra tweets will be disregarded.

3. Winner will be randomly selected on February 1, 2011.

The Prizes:

– A free ebook of Monkey & Croc, by children’s illustrator Will Terry.
– PLUS access to Will’s entire “How to Illustrate Children’s Books” video course.


Click here to start shopping in The Illustrated Section!

zero2illo Community Super Sale

Zero2illo new Header33

Jonathan Woodward, creator of the fantastic motivational blog for illustrators at zero2illo.com, recently relaunched the website with a fresh design, new articles, and plans to provide even more resources for artists and illustrators in the coming year. To celebrate the launch, Jonathan is holding the Zero 2 Illo Super Sale, which includes my PDF 10 Ways Artists Can Improve Their Online Presence.

The Super Sale is a collection of ebooks, audiobooks, kits, etc. about art and illustration. If you are a beginning artist trying to set up an illustration career, or a veteran looking to revamp your business, check this sale out.

The whole package, normally costing $250+ is for sale for only $47. You will not find such a goldmine of information and advice for such a great deal anywhere else.

And most importantly, the sale will only last for 48 HOURS.

The sale is open from 9 AM EST on January 10, 2011 until 9 AM EST on January 12, 2011. Get it while it lasts!

Here are just a few of the products joining 10 Ways in the Super Sale:

    15 Steps to Freelance Illustration by Thomas James – A step-by-step guide to starting an illustration business. (I’ve recommended this before. I can’t praise it enough.)

    Art Licensing Beginner Basics Teleseminar Replay by Tara Reed – Learn the basics about art licensing from one of the best in the field.

    The Artist’s No Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion by Alyson B. Stanfield – “Go after your career with gusto” with one of the foremost experts of art marketing.

    Jonathan’s own zero2illo 12 Week Challenge Kit – Ebook, templates, tutorials, and resources to help set up an illustration business.

    and many more. Go check out the full details and contributor list here.

Jonathan has proven himself to be a fine contributor to the artistic community and a generous teacher, helper, and innovator. Even if you are not interested in the sale, please check out zero2illo.com, Jonathan’s artwork, and the great crew of artists/contributors he is so nicely promoting with this sale.

Christmas Cards

From now until Christmas Eve, I will be making sketch cards on my Ustream show featuring my favorite holiday characters. The show airs every Tuesday-Friday at 10 AM ET. Come and chat as I draw and paint live.

I will be posting the images at the top of this post as I make them. Check back often to see the new artwork throughout the month.

All artwork will be put up for sale in my store immediately after the show each day. See all the cards that are available here: http://store.danidraws.com/christmas-cards

Please note that while I will send the orders as soon as possible, I cannot guarantee they will arrive before Christmas. I ship them via USPS first-class, so if you’re in the U.S. it will probably take several days.

I hope you all are having a very merry holiday season!

New Books!

I recently received some copies of my latest comics, the second issue of My Sister, the Freak and my Halloween comic Frosty the Gourdman. I have them printed through the company called Ka-Blam. They look super!

Take a look:

If you are interested in getting your own copies, you can order them through IndyPlanet.com.

I’m also sell them in my own store as “deluxe” editions. They come signed with an original pencil sketch. There is a limited number available, so grab ’em while you can.

Some examples of the pencil sketches I package with the deluxe edition Frosty books:

Random Comic Art and Commissions

Here is a mish-mash of some recent sketches and paintings that I’ve been making for fun for various projects.

These are some original watercolor paintings featuring characters from my comic Frosty the Gourdman:

Frostywc Frostyandlilywc

And also some smaller sketch cards, painted with gouache:

Frostyintherain Happyfrosty Halloweenlily

Some of this original artwork is available for sale here: http://store.danidraws.com/frosty-the-gourdman

I’ve also made some paintings featuring characters from my other comic, My Sister, the Freak.

The following paintings were made as donations for the UP! Fair. If you haven’t heard about the fair, it is a new convention/conference for independent comics creators and fans. It is taking place next month in Lexington, Kentucky. If you are anywhere near the vicinity, go check it out! Admission is free.

I packaged each painting with signed copies of issue 1. They will be auctioned off in support of the fair.

Upaliens Upseavers Upart

I also just finished a commissioned piece featuring MStF characters in Hawaii. Very fun! It was very Lilo-&-Stitch-ish.


And finally, these are a few sketch card commissions I made. They have nothing to do with my comics, but I’m a fan of the characters.


The cards are Chiana and Aeryn Sun from Farscape and Janet Fraiser from Stargate SG-1.

If you’re interested in getting a commission, go here for info and pricing: http://store.danidraws.com/commissions

Summer of Heroes

I’m going to kick off the summer with a brand new, all-for-fun, sketch project. I’m calling it the Summer of Heroes. If you are familiar with the Monster-a-Day project I did last Halloween, this will be similar.

Starting this week and for the rest of the summer, I’m going to create a series of sketch cards depicting my favorite heroes from pop culture. Think Superman, Buffy Summers, and Luke Skywalker. The art will be posted here at the top of this post as I finish them. Check back often to keep track of the progress.

As part of the fun, I will be creating these all on my Ustream show, where you can chat with me in real-time and discuss art, movies, and TV with me while I am drawing. Go here to watch the show and look at the schedule.

Watch the Show: http://danidraws.com/danidrawslive/
Buy the art: http://store.danidraws.com/summer-of-heroes/
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