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Watch Me Paint on Ustream

As part of my commission deal, I will be painting live throughout the month on Ustream. Come by every Friday at 10 AM ET to watch and chat.

View the show here: http://danidraws.com/danidrawslive

If you are unfamiliar with Ustream, it is a live video streaming service. I will be drawing and painting live from my studio. You can chat in a chatroom and ask questions while I work.

Reminder: Commissions are open until January 31. All the details are in my previous post. Get in your order soon, and I might even draw it on the show!

The Making of a Comic Page Videos

I broadcasted on Ustream last week. It was tons of fun! It was nice to be back and chatting with friends again. I will be broadcasting again this week – Wednesday June 8 at 12 noon ET and Friday June 10 at 10 AM ET. I’ll be making some more comic pages. Stop by, chat, and ask questions. You can watch at http://danidraws.com/danidrawslive. Hope to see you there!

Here are the full videos from the two broadcasts. The first is sketching and drawing the line art of a comic page, and the second is me coloring it in Photoshop.



Dani Draws LIVE Returns!

Due to hectic schedules and deadlines, it has been awhile since I have done a live artcast on Ustream. Well never fear! I’ve decided it’s time for me to dust off that webcam and broadcast again!

If you are unfamiliar with my live show, I use a site called Ustream to broadcast live video from my studio while I draw, paint, or whatever. I also like to giveaway sketches and other fun stuff. There is a chat room where people can ask questions, make comments, or just chat. It is an awesome unique experience because I can interact with people in real time and have actual conversations with the audience.

You can watch the show at http://danidraws.com/danidrawslive or on my Ustream channel page.

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