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MVK Giveaway Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the Monsters Vs. Giveaway contest. I had my family help pick the winners in order to get a variety of unbiased opinions, but they pretty much all agreed on the winner. And so without further ado…

The Winners

The top pick goes to Kat Valencia, who made this super cute illustration:

Awesome! Congrats Kat! You can find more of her artwork here.

The contest also included one winner randomly picked from the rest of the entries. That winner was Seth Wilks, who also made a superb piece of artwork. Congrats Seth!

View more of Seth’s art here.

Winners, please email me your addresses so I can ship your books to you!

Other Favorites

A shout out to the lone kid entry by Lucien, age 4 (with help from mom Casey):

And this super twist on the theme by Seth Greenwald, in which the kitten gets the better of the monster!

Thanks again to all those who entered!

You can check out more info about my book MONSTERS VS. KITTENS here.

Read-along storybook app

A Monster-a-Day

October is here! I have a fun little project planned… Throughout the month, I am going to be painting one monster per day. I will be painting each one live every weekday on my Ustream show. Come by and chat and see the fun Halloween-y artwork.

I will add the images to this post as I complete them. Visit the site throughout the month or watch the live broadcast to see the artwork as it is being created.

Each piece will be painted with gouache on bristol, measuring 2.5″x3.5″ in size.

Ustream Fun!

As part of the festivities, I will be giving away a monster doodle every Friday. All you have to do to qualify is show up and login to the chat room with your Ustream account. One user will be chosen randomly at the end of the show. See the Dani Draws LIVE page for rules and info about Ustream giveaways and deals.

Buy Monster Art

The finished monster art will be made available for sale for $20 each. Please visit the store if you would like to purchase one. I will also make the links available here as I post each image.

Because this is a personal project I am doing for my own fun and goals, I will be painting subjects of my own choosing. However, I’ve decided to open up a week’s worth of painting for requests if any of you would enjoy a custom commission.

    UPDATE: All custom monster commission slots have been taken! Thank you to those who ordered.

    Commissioned pieces will be painted on the Ustream show during the week of October 19-23. Episodes will be recorded in case you miss the live show.

Here’s the artwork: