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Open for Commissions / Cintiq Fundraiser!

I recently bought one of these:

Happy 2012 to me! When it arrives, expect a full review and pics here on the blog!

However, this also cost me 2500 smackaroonies.

So for a limited time, I am opening up commissions. I have had commissions closed for a while because I am blessed to be super busy with client work. But I figured this would be a fun way to cushion the blow to my wallet and draw lots of nerdy stuff.

So if you would like me to paint you a picture of anything, anyone, and anyhoo, read below for the details:

  • All guidelines and ordering info are here: http://store.danidraws.com/commissions
  • Limited time only. I am closing all commissions again on January 31.
  • I am making two sizes available – sketch cards and larger 5x7s. All are full color and painted with watercolors and/or gouache.


SpikeAngel of DeathBorg QueenJack SkellingtonRobin HoodSam CarterCaptain KirkBuddy the ElfRalphieJohn McClane

Random Comic Art and Commissions

Here is a mish-mash of some recent sketches and paintings that I’ve been making for fun for various projects.

These are some original watercolor paintings featuring characters from my comic Frosty the Gourdman:

Frostywc Frostyandlilywc

And also some smaller sketch cards, painted with gouache:

Frostyintherain Happyfrosty Halloweenlily

Some of this original artwork is available for sale here: http://store.danidraws.com/frosty-the-gourdman

I’ve also made some paintings featuring characters from my other comic, My Sister, the Freak.

The following paintings were made as donations for the UP! Fair. If you haven’t heard about the fair, it is a new convention/conference for independent comics creators and fans. It is taking place next month in Lexington, Kentucky. If you are anywhere near the vicinity, go check it out! Admission is free.

I packaged each painting with signed copies of issue 1. They will be auctioned off in support of the fair.

Upaliens Upseavers Upart

I also just finished a commissioned piece featuring MStF characters in Hawaii. Very fun! It was very Lilo-&-Stitch-ish.


And finally, these are a few sketch card commissions I made. They have nothing to do with my comics, but I’m a fan of the characters.


The cards are Chiana and Aeryn Sun from Farscape and Janet Fraiser from Stargate SG-1.

If you’re interested in getting a commission, go here for info and pricing: http://store.danidraws.com/commissions