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Earlier this month I teased about the new online store for digital comics and illustrated books – The Illustrated Section. Well, it’s officially live and ready! Go take a look.

The site includes comics, picture books, illustration tips and tutorials, and artist sketchbooks. Everything is in PDF format and instantly downloadable. It’s perfect if you are looking to fill your iPad or other mobile device with awesome stuff.

There’s some great content there already. Some of the superb contributors include webcomic artist Mike Maihack; Escape From Illustration Island’s Thomas James; podcaster, comicker, and teacher Jerzy Drozd; picture book artist Will Terry; zero2illo.com founder Jonathan Woodward; children’s book illustrator Bob Ostrom; and many more.

Plus, I am now offering Issue 1 of my webcomic My Sister, the Freak for FREE only in The Illustrated Section! Go get it, and check out the selection of other free downloads on the site. http://theillustratedsection.com/free

PLEASE help spread the word to other artists and art fans. To kick things off, help me promote the launch on Twitter and be qualified to win some sweet prizes!

Here’s the details:




1. Tweet this in its entirety, no edits or additions:

    Introducing THE ILLUSTRATED SECTION! RT for a chance to win ebook and videos by Will Terry. http://tinyurl.com/illosectintro @IlloSection

    Click here to tweet now.

2. You may tweet/retweet up to once a day until midnight EST January 31. All extra tweets will be disregarded.

3. Winner will be randomly selected on February 1, 2011.

The Prizes:

– A free ebook of Monkey & Croc, by children’s illustrator Will Terry.
– PLUS access to Will’s entire “How to Illustrate Children’s Books” video course.


Click here to start shopping in The Illustrated Section!

New Books!

I recently received some copies of my latest comics, the second issue of My Sister, the Freak and my Halloween comic Frosty the Gourdman. I have them printed through the company called Ka-Blam. They look super!

Take a look:

If you are interested in getting your own copies, you can order them through IndyPlanet.com.

I’m also sell them in my own store as “deluxe” editions. They come signed with an original pencil sketch. There is a limited number available, so grab ’em while you can.

Some examples of the pencil sketches I package with the deluxe edition Frosty books:

Make Stuff (or What I’ve Learned By Creating Comics)

I was chatting with some fellow artists while painting on my Ustream show, and some interesting points came up. There was a lot of talk about self-publishing and strategies for independent creators. It’s got me thinking about my current work habits and what I’ve accomplished over the past year.

At the end of last 2009, I decided to make a comic. It’s not something I’ve done before and it’s still an industry that is very new to me. There are certain attitudes and strategies that are very different from my home in children’s illustration, and I have benefited greatly.

The most important lesson I’ve learned by creating comics:

Make stuff.

Comics are driven by independent creators. Artists in this field are constantly writing and drawing their own stories, printing them, taking them to conventions, and distributing them on the web. They don’t wait for publishers to acknowledge them or an agent to pick them up. They go out and create and make an audience for themselves. They make stuff in spite of day jobs and lack of money and hectic schedules. There’s a passion for creation that comics creators have that I don’t see very often in other circles.

I’ve never had such a rush of creativity and productivity than what I’ve had over the past year. I launched an ongoing webcomic (My Sister, the Freak) and made a short story (Frosty the Gourdman). I’ve come up with new picture book ideas and brushed off the old dummies that were collecting dust in my files. Making comics gave me the itch to make more stuff, and for that I have progressed farther than any other period in my career thus far.

My experience in the picture book industry was always an attitude of struggle. There’s constant talk of how to find an agent, what to put in a query letter, how to find the right publisher, wondering if the economy and technology is going to kill the industry altogether, etc. etc. I think children’s artists can take a page out of the comic artist’s book and concentrate more on the content.

No marketing trick is going to help you if you have nothing to show people. No publisher will pick you up if you don’t have a quality product. No amount of social networking saavy is worth anything unless you’re a creator that people want to network with. And the industry isn’t going to get any better if no one is making art and stories that the public can connect to and be willing to shell out hard-earned money for.

I’m definitely going to continue with the momentum I’ve got going, make more comics, and take what I’ve learned into my picture book goals as well. And for all you creators out there, I want to see more quality stuff being made. For that, you only need two rules:

1. Make stuff.

2. Show it to people.

The end.

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Frosty the Gourdman, my newest comic project that I announced a few weeks ago, is now available to read online!

Frosty is a spooky tale about a monster who comes alive in the pumpkin patch on Halloween night. It was co-created by me and my sister Nicole.

Read it here: http://www.frostythegourdman.com/read/

If you enjoy the comic, please help us spread the word by sharing it with your friends or buying books and art. We appreciate your support!

Happy Reading!

Digital Comics

Mstf on the Ipad

A Call to Comic Creators!

My iPad is way too empty. :(

I love my iPad, and I’ve got to say, it is the PERFECT device for reading digital comics. However, I’m having trouble finding the kind of content that I want to read, and that’s frustrating.

I’ve been experimenting with selling digital comics in my store. I want to see more comic creators jumping on board to do the same thing because 1) most of favorite comics are independently made webcomics, and I want more stuff for my iPad and 2) there are some serious problems with how digital comics are created and sold, and I think this is the first step toward fixing them.

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Announcing Frosty the Gourdman!


Today, I launched the site for my newest project – Frosty the Gourdman!

Frosty is a short story comic that I wrote and created with my sister Nicole. We are in the midst of putting the finishing touches on the artwork and plan to post the entire story in October. For now, we’ve got the site up and running with a few teaser images and a nifty trailer. Go check it out here:



Download the trailer here.

As we get ready to launch next month, please help us spread the word by sharing the link, embedding the trailer, twittering about it, etc. etc. Nicole and I are so excited to share this with you and hope you’ll enjoy it.

Spacedock 7 – Sci-Fi Webcomic Portal


If you have been following my webcomic My Sister, the Freak or are a comics fan in general, I’ve got a great announcement for you!

Several of my artist friends and I have started up a new website called Spacedock 7. Check it out at Spacedock7.com!

Seven creators, seven comics. This site will serve as the central hub for them all.

Each comic is sci-fi related. That means lots of aliens, spaceships, robots, planets, and babes. What’s not to like about that? Each artist has different styles and tastes, and it’s neat to see how each one handles the genre.

The rest of the SD7 crew includes Otis Frampton, Mike Maihack, Joel Carroll, Eddie Pittman, Grant Gould, and Katie Cook. If you are unfamiliar with any of these artists, please go check out their work because they are all awesome.

With the seven of us, we are each updating our comics on a different day of the week. MStF will reside on Saturdays. For the rest of the week, be sure to visit Spacedock 7 to get your daily sci-fi webcomic fix!