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Christmas Super Sale!

Starting today, grab some comics, books, original artwork, and prints in my store and get some great discounts! This is the perfect time to share one of my comics with a kid or friend, or maybe get a unique commission for a special Christmas gift.

Here’s an outline of the deals, available for a limited time only:

BLACK FRIDAY Print blowout

To start things off, this entire weekend you can grab any of my prints for only $10 – that’s over 40% off my regular price. The deal ends on Sunday November 25.

I added some new art to the print section, and if there is a particular piece from my website or blog that caught your attention that isn’t there, you are welcome to contact me and ask about it. (I’ll print whatever I can, but I can’t make any guarantees due to client copyrights and such!)

View all prints here.


If you are a fan of my webcomic, or want to share it with someone you love, this is a great starter bundle! Get the Volume 1 paperback of my comic, plus a watercolor character sketch, two digital PDF ebooks, and a Captain Bacon minicomic for one low price.

Buy here.

The DANI Pack

This is an easy way to grab copies of all my print books in one fell swoop. Includes my comics MSTF Vol. 1, Frosty the Gourdman, Dark Mischief Volume 2 (featuring ZOMBIE BUNNY), and the Captain Bacon minicomic. And to top it off, I will also draw a pencil sketch of any of my characters.

Buy here.

Commissions are OPEN

Get a custom original painting from me. I rarely open up my time for these anymore, so this is your rare opportunity to get some original art from me. I am opening up 10 slots, and I’m closing to all requests on December 8. There are two sizes and price points available.

Learn more about commissions here.

All orders received by December 15 are expected to ship out from me by December 20 via USPS Priority Mail. This means all U.S. customers should get their stuff by Christmas (according to the recommendations on the USPS website). International customers, I recommend you order before December if you are getting a gift.

Thank you, and Happy Shopping!

New My Sister the Freak Digital Edition

For those of you who may not follow my webcomic My Sister the Freak (or maybe you do and in that case you are AWESOME), I just wanted to let you know that I just finished the first chapter of the second book. You can read it all right now, along with the entire first book, over on the comic site

You can now download Chapter 1 as a PDF for convenient reading on your tablet device or computer. For the first week (until Nov 20) you can get it for 50% off. Grab it here.

Dark Mischief Volume 2

Dark Mischief, a spooky comic anthology put together by Jenni Gregory of Ka-Blam and Indyplanet, has just released its second volume which includes my short comic ZOMBIE BUNNY. Perfect for the Halloween season! You can buy a copy over at Indyplanet here (or if you prefer to read on your tablet, you can grab a digital copy).

There is a wide variety of stories and styles featured in the anthology (check out the Dark Mischief main page for previews!). Last year’s Volume 1 is also available to buy.

I have a very limited number of copies to sell if anyone would like a signed copy by me. I will also sketch zombie bunny in the front and include some stickers. Grab it while you can!


Sorry I am so late in announcing this (is Halloween a week away already?!), but even if you don’t catch this for October, it is still a great book that includes lots of great creators. Read it any time of year!

Star Wars Uncut

A few weeks ago, my sister showed me the website for Star Wars Uncut. It is a fan remake of the film created by hundreds of different people. They sign up for a small snippet of the movie on the website and remake the scene however they like. The final movie is cut together from these snippets. The first movie was released a few years ago and even won an Emmy. The second film for The Empire Strikes Back is currently in the works and open to submissions.

My sister told me she already chose a clip and signed us up.

So anyway, you can view our finished product now on the Star Wars Uncut website. It was quite a fun challenge because neither of us are trained in animation and have never done anything like this before. We had to hobble our way through the process, but it was fun and I like how it turned out. Let us know what you think!

Please LIKE Us!

The most popular clips get put into the director’s cut of the finished film, so we’d like as much support as we can get. Please take a moment to like, comment, and share the clip if you enjoy it!

May the force be with you!

Goin’ Gold Video

I was recently asked if I wanted to contribute a YouTube video to the Goin’ Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign. I was happy to oblige. Here it is:

About Goin’ Gold:

As you may or may not know (I personally didn’t, until this video), the gold ribbon represents childhood cancer, just as the more popular pink ribbon represents breast cancer. The goal of this campaign is to further promote the awareness of the gold ribbon and what it represents. More awareness = more attention, more research, and more funding which will help the many children fighting this awful disease. I am very much in favor of beating cancer to a pulp, especially where kids are involved.

So I am fighting my little fight by drawing this pirate. Who loves gold more than pirates? No one. Except maybe dragons. But I wanted to draw a pirate, so you get a pirate video today.

Please like, favorite, and share the video to help the Goin’ Gold cause. They’ve set up a whole YouTube channel of videos from a variety of sources. Check them all out if you have a moment!

Important Links You Should Click On:

Last Push for the Little Women Kickstarter!

Here is ONE MORE REMINDER to pledge to my Little Women Graphic Novel Kickstarter campaign! The funding closes on Sunday morning. I still have not reached my minimum goal, which means it is still up in the air whether or not I will receive the funds and be able to self-print my own book. If you enjoy my work and you can contribute, even just a dollar or two, please consider making a pledge today.

If you’ve already pledged, you can still raise your amount if you so choose. I’ve added some extra incentives to the original art rewards in my last push towards getting this funded (see the top of the Kickstarter page for details).


I greatly appreciate everyone who has pledged and has helped spread the word about the project all over the internets. Whether The KS gets funded or not, this has been an overall positive experience and I’ve enjoyed getting to connect with you all over my love of this classic story.

All the best,

A Visit to Orchard House


I recently had a chance to visit Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts. Orchard House was the home of Louisa May Alcott, and was the basis for the March’s home in the Little Women story.

The house is open for tours, and holds many original possessions of the Alcott family including books, artwork, and household items. Needless to say, as a huge fan of Little Women I enjoyed myself immensely. It’s worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

Here’s a bunch more pictures:

Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take pics on the inside, but there’s some nice virtual tours up on their website if you want to see more. Get all the info about Orchard House at

9 Days Left in the Kickstarter!

We’ve still got funding left to raise to reach our goal! Please help spread the word about the Little Women Graphic Novel Project if you can!

And a reminder, I am currently holding a Twitter contest if you’d like to share the project and possibly win some original art!



Little Women Twitter Contest

We’re a little over halfway through the Little Women Kickstarter campaign and have still got a bit of funding left to raise to reach the goal. So, I’m going to kick things up a notch as we wind down the final weeks!


From now until the end of Kickstarter funding on September 2, post a link to the Little Women project on Twitter to win an original watercolor sketch!


  • To enter, tweet the LINK to either to the project page ( or the Kickstarter (, along with the HASHTAG #littlewomengn.
  • You can enter up to twice per day for more chances to win. I will draw TWO winners, once on August 27, and once on September 3. Winners will receive an original watercolor sketch.
  • The contest will be cumulative, which means everyone who entered the first week will be eligible for the second drawing also!
  • If you need help starting your tweet, you can post something like this:

      Support the Little Women Graphic Novel Project to help bring new life to the classic story. #littlewomengn

    Or this:

      I love Little Women! A graphic novel version would be awesome, so you should pledge to this: #littlewomengn

    Or, you know, something like this if you’re really generous:

      Wow, this book looks awesome! #littlewomengn

    Whatever floats your boat. Post it. Win stuff.

  • If you post something extra in your tweet, such as Little Women fan art, link to a blog post you have written about the project, or a photo of you reading a Little Women book, you receive super bonus points and more chances to win!

Thanks as always to all the current backers and those who have helped me promote the project thus far!

New Little Women Page and Video


During the Ustream show I held on Monday, I drew a new Little Women page and demonstrated some of my digital drawing/coloring techniques. Above is the finished page from that session.

I recorded the show, but unfortunately problems with Ustream and my internet connection cut the video short. However, you can still view a good portion of it here:

The next show will be on Tuesday August 28 at 12 PM EST. Come watch me draw more Little Women art and maybe win a free sketch. Visit to watch the show and view the full schedule. Hope to see you there!

The book is almost 1/3 funded! We’re going at a good pace. THANKS to all who have pledged so far. Please help spread the word about the project if you can so we can reach our goal!

To make a pledge, visit the Kickstarter page.



Little Women Kickstarter Crosses $1000!

Thank you to everyone who has backed The Little Women Graphic Novel Project so far! Only a few days in, and the total has surpassed the $1000 dollar mark! That makes 16% of the total goal of $6000. Woo!

I’m going to do another live Ustream show on Monday August 13 at 12 PM noon ET. Go to to view the full schedule and watch the stream. Monday, I will show you how I draw and color the comic digitally.

Remember to please share the project and spread the news if you can! Every little bit helps not only in the funding, but also the promotion of this awesome classic story.



Little Women Kickstarter Now Live!

The Kickstarter project for my Little Women graphic novel is now LIVE! Please go take a visit and pledge or share with your friends to help me take this project to the next level!

Pledge here:

With the Kickstarter, I am trying to fund a comic/sketchbook that contains 3-5 completed chapters from the book, and some concept art. The idea is that I will use this book to pitch a full graphic novel to publishers.

Some of the rewards include PDF and print copies of the Little Women book, prints, and original drawings and paintings. The Kickstarter will close in 30 days on September 2.

Thanks for all your support!

View the launch video!

Introducing The Little Women Graphic Novel Project!

I am super excited to announce a new personal project I am working on – an illustrated graphic novel of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott!

I have put up a dedicated page at with all the details, art, and links you need to know. This is a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. My plan is to work on it for the remainder of the year, post my progress, print a book, and eventually find a publisher.

Here’s where YOU come in:

As part of this project, I am doing a little promotional/publishing experiment. If you are a fan of Little Women, graphic novels, and classic stories, and would love to see this project come to fruition, I would appreciate it if you would leave a short comment over on the LW page. My goal is to get as many comments as possible on that page, so please leave short note if you can.


Kickstarter Project Coming Soon!

I will be launching a campaign on Kickstarter next week. This is going to help pay for the printing of a special self-published portion of this project, which I will provide more details about when it launches. Please keep an eye out for it until then.

Process Blog

I’m going to be sharing news and process for the entire project as I move forward. I’ve set up a dedicated blog at if you’d like to follow along.

Ustream Launch!

On Friday August 3 at 10 AM ET, I am going to hold a live Ustream broadcast to celebrate the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, and draw some Little Women art. I am going to try to do regular broadcasts throughout the campaign where I will work on the project and maybe giveaway some stuff. :)

If you are unfamiliar with my Ustream broadcasts, it is a live show where I chat and draw in real time, and viewers can interact, chat, and ask questions.

Go to to watch the show and view the schedule.

Thanks so much for all your support! I can’t wait to get started!

Kids Read Comics 2012 Recap

Last weekend, I attended the Kids Read Comics convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was super fun! Unlike last year in Chelsea which took place on the front lawn, the artists got to sit indoors at the Ann Arbor District Library (thank goodness for air conditioning because the heat reached 100+ on Saturday!). Once again, I tabled next to the incomparable Jannie Ho and her adorable artwork (not to mention her ADORABLE baby daughter). And I also got to hang around the likes of Raina Telgemeier, Dave Roman, and Chris Houghton, who were also tabling in the same area. Great to hang around you folks!

Click to read the full recap with photos!

My Sister the Freak Volume 2

I have started updating my webcomic My Sister the Freak again at It’s a whole new story and book. I took the opportunity to improve and streamline some things, so you might notice some changes compared to the first volume. I’m really enjoying where this is headed in terms of both the story and art.

In case you haven’t read MSTF yet, it is an all-ages sci-fi story about two sisters learning to deal with life, family, and alien invaders. You can read the entire first volume, and the currently posting second volume, online for FREE at You can also buy print and digital copies of the first volume over in my store. You can download the first chapter in digital PDF format for FREE.

Above are the first three pages, and you can keep up with the rest over on the MSTF website. I’m now updating TWICE A WEEK on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Let me know how you like it!

Coming to Kids Read Comics 2012!

Hey Michigan friends, artists, and fans – I am heading to Ann Arbor this summer to participate in the Kids Read Comics festival. It will take place July 7 and 8. I will have a table with books and drawings and free stuff. If you are anywhere near the area in July, hope you come by and say hello. This will be my second year attending. It is a GREAT event for kids and adults alike, and there will be many great artists there. So mark your calendars!

More info here:

Call For iPad Art!

I’m excited to (kinda) announce a new project I’m working on, and I’m also seeking some digital artists to help me with it! Here’s the gist:

I am currently involved in a book about art on the iPad. I can’t say much about it yet, but part of the book will be a gallery of images. I am looking for artists who draw on the iPad who would like to have their work featured in this section.

Here are all the details and instructions:

  • Any subject matter, genre, or style is welcome. In fact, the more variety the better.
  • This is not a paying gig. I want to be clear that this is strictly on volunteer basis. If you’re not willing to do that, that’s fine. I also don’t expect anyone to spend hours creating brand new artwork for this. Only submit if you happen to have something already made and would enjoy seeing it printed in a book.
  • All artists chosen to be featured will receive a free copy of the book.
  • Artists retain all copyright to their images, and this is non-exclusive. The publisher and I are only asking for rights to print the images in all versions of the book.
  • All artists will be credited with name and website.

To submit:

  • Please send entries to with the subject IPAD ART SUBMISSION.
  • Please send it in full resolution (I know iPad art is typically low-res – just send the best you have). If it is vector art, please send the vector file. If you have multiple images or the file is too large to email, you can send a link.
  • Include:
    1) Your name (However you want to be credited. Real names please.)
    2) Your website link, if you have one
    3) Your iPad model (1, 2, or new)
    4) What app you used

**Update**: To answer some common questions,

  • Yes, you can send multiple submissions. Send as many as you want.
  • No, please don’t submit artwork created on other tablets such as Android, Wacom, etc. This is iPad-specific.
  • You may send sketches (it doesn’t have to be finished artwork). However, I’m not taking art that was started on the iPad, then finished on your desktop computer. It must be all-iPad.

All submissions must be received by APRIL 4 APRIL 9!

If your art is selected, you will be notified and given further instructions.

Can’t wait to share more info further down the pipeline. Thanks in advance to everyone who can help me out!

Womanthology Book Release

Womanthology, a HUGE anthology of comics written, drawn, and edited all by women, is going to be available very soon. I believe it will be in comic shops starting today and it is also up for order on All proceeds from this book go to charity.

I received my copy in the mail yesterday. It is one ginormous book, and it is filled to the brim with comics, artwork, industry tips, and interviews.

I illustrated a four-page story for the book. It is called “Swimming” by Ashley Avard. It starts on page 180. I was really happy that I got to illustrate such a sweet and poignant story.

View the Process Video!

My Sister the Freak Returns!

I make a webcomic called My Sister the Freak (if you are unaware of it, you can read the whole first volume in the Stories section!). I haven’t updated it in awhile, but I am planning a triumphant return. After struggling for months with plans and updates for this comic, I can now give you some solid news and dates!

My Sister the Freak will be back to regular updates on FEBRUARY 3, 2012. And with this return, I am implementing a few changes.

New Schedule, Two Times the Fun!

The comic will now update twice per week on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Mark your calendars and subscribe to stay up to date.

Introducing "The Adventures of Captain Bacon"

On February 3, I will not start Volume 2. Instead, I'm going to launch a spinoff comic called "The Adventures of Captain Bacon" featuring crazy imaginary adventures of Mary and Captain Bacon. I am very excited about this idea and hope you'll enjoy it.

The spinoff comic will be a lot quicker, snappier, and black and white, which means it will be a whole lot easier for me to write and draw. This will be a fun way to fill in the time between volumes and chapters of the main comic.

So Where is Volume 2?

I have the story outlined and am fleshing out the full script. I was going to put a rush on it and get it done for February, but as I was working on it I really felt that I should give this every ounce of effort that I can and write the best story possible. So, I'm going to slow down, finish the script, then begin working on a buffer of pages.

As of now, I expect Volume 2 to go up around May. The time in between will allow me to draw and color the whole first chapter, and with that buffer in place, the comic can update uninterrupted on the new twice-a-week schedule for the duration of Volume 2.

Fan Art Contest

While I am working on the comic and posting the spinoff, I am going to take the opportunity to do other fun activities too. First up, I want to hold a fan art contest. I want to see what talented readers I have out there! There will be both adult and kid divisions, and winners will receive signed books, original art, and gift cards. All entries will also be posted to the website with credits and links. Look out for the full details coming up on the My Sister the Freak website, and start sketching up those ideas!

See you February 3!