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Mommy Sketches

My mom celebrated her birthday over the weekend. These are a few quick sketches that I made for her. They are based on old photos.

Happy Birthday Mom! You’re the best!

Summer Fun

I can’t believe it’s mid-August already. It’s sad to see summer go.

These are a couple summery illustrations I made. Let me know what you think.

You can also buy these images as prints in my store.

Summer of Heroes

I’m going to kick off the summer with a brand new, all-for-fun, sketch project. I’m calling it the Summer of Heroes. If you are familiar with the Monster-a-Day project I did last Halloween, this will be similar.

Starting this week and for the rest of the summer, I’m going to create a series of sketch cards depicting my favorite heroes from pop culture. Think Superman, Buffy Summers, and Luke Skywalker. The art will be posted here at the top of this post as I finish them. Check back often to keep track of the progress.

As part of the fun, I will be creating these all on my Ustream show, where you can chat with me in real-time and discuss art, movies, and TV with me while I am drawing. Go here to watch the show and look at the schedule.

Watch the Show:
Buy the art:
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ripple_pelican ripple_seaturtle

Artist Kelly Light was devastated by the news of the recent oil spill in the gulf. So, she decided to do something about it!

Kelly started a site called Ripple. On it, she is selling sketch cards created by her and many other artists, with 100% of the proceeds going toward helping the animal victims affected by the spill.

The above pieces of artwork are my contributions to Ripple. Visit the site to buy some great artwork and help out a good cause!

A Good Friend

Ceasefromanger Girls

Here are a few images that were recently published in the Friend, a religious magazine for children. They were featured in the January and February issues. I also have illos coming up in April and May so if you happen to subscribe, look out for them!

I’m always happy to work for the Friend. They were my first paying client I ever had, and I’m always humbled and grateful that they keep coming back again and again.

Ceasefromanger Happy


A view of the spreads:

Ttblj Jan2010


I’m Making a Comic!

Mstf Teaserposter

That’s right. I’m making a comic. And I’m really excited to share it with all of you.

Mstf Sisters

For the past several months, I have been furiously writing and drawing an original story called My Sister, the Freak. It will be an all-ages sci-fi story about two sisters who run into some alien invaders. Good times.

Here is the site:

The story will officially launch on March 12, 2010 and update with a new page every Friday.

In the meantime, I will use the site to spill some sneak peeks, development work, and art. I will also work on pages during my Ustream show. Subscribe, tune-in, and follow me for all the updates, and tell your friends to keep a look out too!

I’m really excited to share this with you all. This is the biggest, most-intensive independent project I have ever done to date, and I feel I’m creating some of my best work. I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I do.


Stuart Little WIP


I’ve started a new personal project to create a series of illustrations based on some of my favorite kid lit books. These are a couple that I have started based on E.B. White’s Stuart Little and Roald Dahl’s The BFG.

Though I’m pleased with my progress so far, I am not entirely happy yet, so I’m looking for feedback from all you artists out there (non-artists are welcome too!). Please send any critiques and suggestions my way. I need your help to make these illustrations stellar.

A Monster-a-Day

October is here! I have a fun little project planned… Throughout the month, I am going to be painting one monster per day. I will be painting each one live every weekday on my Ustream show. Come by and chat and see the fun Halloween-y artwork.

I will add the images to this post as I complete them. Visit the site throughout the month or watch the live broadcast to see the artwork as it is being created.

Each piece will be painted with gouache on bristol, measuring 2.5″x3.5″ in size.

Ustream Fun!

As part of the festivities, I will be giving away a monster doodle every Friday. All you have to do to qualify is show up and login to the chat room with your Ustream account. One user will be chosen randomly at the end of the show. See the Dani Draws LIVE page for rules and info about Ustream giveaways and deals.

Buy Monster Art

The finished monster art will be made available for sale for $20 each. Please visit the store if you would like to purchase one. I will also make the links available here as I post each image.

Because this is a personal project I am doing for my own fun and goals, I will be painting subjects of my own choosing. However, I’ve decided to open up a week’s worth of painting for requests if any of you would enjoy a custom commission.

    UPDATE: All custom monster commission slots have been taken! Thank you to those who ordered.

    Commissioned pieces will be painted on the Ustream show during the week of October 19-23. Episodes will be recorded in case you miss the live show.

Here’s the artwork: