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Open for Commissions / Cintiq Fundraiser!

I recently bought one of these:

Happy 2012 to me! When it arrives, expect a full review and pics here on the blog!

However, this also cost me 2500 smackaroonies.

So for a limited time, I am opening up commissions. I have had commissions closed for a while because I am blessed to be super busy with client work. But I figured this would be a fun way to cushion the blow to my wallet and draw lots of nerdy stuff.

So if you would like me to paint you a picture of anything, anyone, and anyhoo, read below for the details:

  • All guidelines and ordering info are here:
  • Limited time only. I am closing all commissions again on January 31.
  • I am making two sizes available – sketch cards and larger 5x7s. All are full color and painted with watercolors and/or gouache.


SpikeAngel of DeathBorg QueenJack SkellingtonRobin HoodSam CarterCaptain KirkBuddy the ElfRalphieJohn McClane

Doctor Who Christmas Carol Fan Art

This is a piece of fan art I made based on last year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, A Christmas Carol. I love this episode! It has quickly become one of my favorite things to watch around the holidays. I recently re-watched it, and I might have to do so again before the season is over. It is brilliant. Thanks Steven Moffat.

You can check out the entire painting process in the vid below. It was done in Photoshop. Actual painting time was around four hours.

And for your further enjoyment:

Watch it if you haven’t yet! [iTunes]

Merry Christmas!

Building an Artist’s Website with WordPress

I’m finally going to answer, in depth, one of the most common questions I’ve gotten over the past few years – how did I build my website?

Most artists ask me this because they want to know a) how I built my portfolio gallery or b) how I integrated my blog into my website. I will attempt to answer both of those questions.

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