Read the Entire Comic For FREE

FROSTY THE GOURDMAN, the Halloween comic I created with my sister Nicole last year, is now available to read online for free in its entirety. It will be up throughout October. After Halloween, we’re putting it away again. Please read and enjoy!

About Gourdman

If you are unfamiliar with it, Gourdman is a comic we released in fall 2010. It is about 60 pages long. It is one of my most favoritest projects I have ever worked on to date, and it was really a labor of love for my sister and me.

Show Your Love!

If you read the story and enjoy it, you can support it by sharing the comic with your friends or buying books or art from the shop.

We also enjoy hearing your comments and stories. Feel free to leave a comment or review here or on the story page. You can also chat with us on the various social networks or by email. We enjoy sharing our work and love hearing from you!

Special Edition Books For Sale

As part of our special October celebration, Nicole and I are selling special “deluxe” edition books that come signed by us and with a free original character sketch by me. These will also be available only through October, or until supplies last. You can grab one here.

And if you have a fancy e-reader, the PDF version is also on sale for only $3.99! You can get that here.

Thanks so much for all your support! I hope you like the story. Have a very Happy October!