Harry Potter Gouache Painting Process

Ron and Hermione

Most of my illustration work is digital, but sometimes I get the hankering to just sit down and work with actual PAINT so I decided to get out my gouache and make a painting just for fun.

Well, I’m a BIG Harry Potter fan and I am super excited about the last movie coming out this weekend, so for my fun little painting I decided to paint two of my favorite characters and cutest couple ever – Ron and Hermione.

My sketch is just a small thumbnail in my sketchbook. I didn’t even bother refining it; I just scanned it, blew it up in Photoshop, adjusted the color, then printed it out on a piece of heavyweight bristol paper. I then taped it down to a board and painted right on top of it.

Here’s some process pics and a video of the entire painting:

Ron and Hermione - thumbnail

Ron and Hermione - Printed sketch on board

Ron and Hermione - Blocked in

Ron and Hermione - Painting in progress

Ron and Hermione process

Ron and Hermione - Finish