Kids Read Comics 2011 Recap

Kids Read Comics

I just got back from the Kids Read Comics event in Chelsea, Michigan. It was super fun! I’ve attended professional conferences and mingled with other artists and authors before, but this was my first event where I got to meet readers, fans, and kids! There’s no greater thrill for someone like me than seeing someone get excited about your art or walk away with a fistful of comics. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table, shook my hand, chatted with me, and let me draw stuff for you.

And a special THANK YOU to the KRC organizers and Jerzy Drozd for rounding up all the terrific artists and putting together such a fantastic event.

The artist alley tables were outdoors on the Chelsea District Library front lawn, and there were activities and workshops going on in the building and all around town. The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere of fun, art, and comics was great. I got to sit next to Jannie Ho. It was a blast to hang out with her and look at her cool art all day. I drew free sketches and sold some My Sister the Freak and Frosty the Gourdman comics.

Here’s some pics of me and my table at KRC:

Not able to attend Kids Read Comics?

If you weren’t able to go to KRC this year, you don’t have to lose out completely! I’ve posted leftover books and art in my online store. I reduced the price of my print comics, and there are some original sketch card pieces that I made as samples for the show. Get them while you can!

Go here:

Wizards, Heroes, and Warriors Spacemen, Aliens, and Monsters,

Also, here’s a list of as many artists and wares as I could remember and find. Check them all out and buy their great comics and support their work!

Jannie Ho – Website | Amazon

Raina Telgemeier – Website | Store | Amazon

Dave Roman – Website | Store | Amazon

Rob Stenzinger – Website | Comic | Store

Brandon Dayton – Website | Store

Zach Bosteel – Website | Comic

Frank Hansen – Website | Comic | Store

Joe Foo – Comic | Store

Demophon – Website

Ruth Barshaw – Website | Amazon

Joshua Buchanan – Website | Comic

Mark Rudolph – Website | Store

Chad Sell – Website

Mike Bocianowski – Website | Store

Michelangelo Cicerone – Website

Thom Zahler – Comic | Amazon

Bob Learned III – Comic

Mark Mekkee – Website

Mark Feazell – Website and Store

I’m sure I’m probably missing some people in there. I’m going by my limited memory and pile of postcards I collected, so if you were at KRC and I have missed your link, please send it and I’ll add it!