Making and Publishing a Children’s Book, Part 4

Here’s the latest progress on my self-published picture book project Once Upon a Time. To see my previous posts, go here.


Like I mentioned in my last process post, I did all my rough drawings in red pencil. After they were all done, I went back and refined them with a regular pencil. This gives me more flexibility when I take the drawings into Photoshop because I can take out the red and clean up the drawings as I need to.

Some readers have asked me how exactly I do that. I outlined the steps in one of my old tutorials here.


I am now fully immersed in the final paintings of the book. I am about halfway through them already. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the characters:

Title Page!

This is a mockup of the title page that I made. What do you think?

Time to PROMOTE!

At this rate, I estimate the book will be done in a few weeks. I am now starting to think about promotion. With my Frosty the Gourdman comic that I released last October, I put up the website and a video teaser a few weeks in advance. It really helped to amp up the buzz surrounding the book, so I want to do the same thing this time around too.

Instead of going with a full website this time like I did for Frosty, I’ve decided to just put up a single web page. It will be simpler for me, plus it can be integrated better into my main website.

So, here it is – the launch of the Once Upon a Time webpage! Check it out! There will be more content to come.