New Facebook Page

I recently started up a new Facebook page where you can network with me and keep up with various news and projects. You can “Like” it here:

I’ve been on Facebook for awhile, but I never made it public because I don’t use FB much for work stuff. My main social network of choice has been Twitter. However, I thought it was silly to lose out on so much conversation and discussion from the many of you that may prefer Facebook, so now I have the public page where I can talk with you all about art and technology and other random stuff.

FYI, the FB page will pretty much just rehash my Twitter account, so if you follow me on Twitter you’re probably not going to miss out on much. You’re free to choose one or the other or both!

Also, with the public page in place, I am no longer accepting friend requests on my personal account from people I don’t know. If you find my personal account, please use the page to network with me instead. If you are already a friend of mine on FB and I don’t know you, please migrate over to the page as I don’t use it to talk about art and I may even start deleting friends soon (Please don’t be offended if I do. I just need to separate work and life a bit).

Also, if you are unaware, I also have other FB pages that I set up previously for other projects. Like them too if you want!

My Sister the Freak Fan Page:
The Illustrated Section:

Thanks! I’m looking forward to talking to you all on Facebook!