Making and Publishing a Children’s Book, Part 2


This is part 2 in my series of posts about the making of my “Once Upon a Time” picture book. See my previous post here: Part 1

The next phase I’m working on in my picture book process is CHARACTER DESIGN. This book has been on my brain for the past several years, so the artwork has gone through a few passes already. I actually got so far as to make a few full-color paintings. However, I was never really satisfied with them.

Ouatv1 1Ouatv1 2Ouatv1 3

I never thought the character design and style was quite there. Looking back, it looks a little bland and generic.

So right now, I am DRAWING as much as I can as often as I can. I haven’t had a super amount of time to work on this project in the past week, but it doesn’t take a lot to doodle in my sketchbook whenever the time presents itself.

My goal is to draw and draw and draw until the personality and character starts to take shape and I am comfortable drawing them over and over again consistently. At this point, I tend to concentrate more on PERSONALITY than anything else when designing a character. I think of situations, expressions, and attitude more than the actual style or mechanics of the character.

These are some of my doodles so far:

Ouat Bearsketches

Ouat Pigsketches