Will Terry’s “How to Illustrate Children’s Books” Video Series

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Any aspiring children’s book illustrators out there? Here is an invaluable resource for you:

Award-winning illustrator Will Terry has put together a superb series of videos that goes through the entire process of illustrating a children’s book. He covers everything from storytelling, design, and submissions. Here’s an overview of the topics covered:

    1. Book design

    2. Storytelling with pictures

    3. Character design

    4. Illustration design

    5. Rendering

    6. Working with color

    7. Success in the marketplace

    8. Submitting your book

Will has about two decades of experience, and a lot of this info is what he teaches his students in his college courses. The full series of videos costs $29.99 – a LOT better deal than paying a semester’s tuition!

Check out all the info about the series here. You can watch the third lecture – Character design – for FREE.

Want to win a free copy of the entire course?

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