The Illustrated Section – Coming Soon!

UPDATE: The Illustrated Section is officially going to launch on Monday January 24, 2011. Mark your calendars!

I am happy to announce an upcoming website I’m making called The Illustrated Section.

The Illustrated Section is going to be an online store for digital books featuring art and illustration. That includes comics, picture books, sketchbooks, and illustration tips and tutorials. It will feature works by many different artists, and will be open for submissions by all independent creators.

Why The Illustrated Section?

Remember this blog post I wrote awhile back about digital comics? I have been a big supporter of the digital age and what it could mean for artists. However, I’ve been frustrated by a number of things:

    A confusing number of formats.

    Difficulty in creating those formats.

    Lack of content.

    Lack of audience.

    Difficult or confusing submission requirements by ebook stores.

    Limited options for creating/selling/reading illustrated books.

Since there is no great, overarching solution yet, I have experimented with selling my digital comics on my own website, and I’ve seen several of my artist friends doing the same. It has worked well, but not as well as it could be. With the digital comics only popping up here and there by random artists in many different places, they can be difficult to find. That means less exposure and less sales and more difficulty for buyers to get used to the new format.

And that is why I’m creating The Illustrated Section. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a central store where all these cool artists could post their books so buyers could easily browse through them and people like me could fill their iPads with awesome stuff?”

And then my next thought was, “Hey, I can build that.”

The Details:

The Illustrated Section will be an online store. You can purchase and download books instantly.

All the books will be PDF format. That means you will be able to read them on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, or just about any other electronic device. PDFs are compatible with a large number of devices, apps, and software. They are also easy to make if you’re a creator.

All the books are by independent artists. It will not be tied to a publisher or act as a publisher. It will simply be a marketplace.

The site will take submissions. If you have digital content or have been thinking about experimenting with digital content, now’s a good time to think about selling it in The Illustrated Section. There will be more details on the website once it is up.

It will reside at Bookmark it! For now, you can keep up-to-date via the News page.

When will it launch?

Soon. I am in the process of gathering content as I write this. As soon as I have enough goodies to launch the site, I will make it live to the public. I am hoping this will be sometime this month.

If you’re a creator and have questions about the site or submitting work, you can contact me at

And comic/art/story fans, be prepared. We’ve got some talented artists and writers already lined up with great content for site launch.

Stay tuned!