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Store Re-Launch

I recently renovated my store page in an attempt to make it easier to browse and purchase stuff. There are currently a few prints, original artwork, and downloads available, and I intend to update and add stuff on a regular basis.

New Features and Notable Changes

  • A simpler shopping cart built into the site will make it easier to keep track of stuff. Payments are still processed through PayPal.

  • All shipping is FREE.

  • I’m starting to sell digital downloadable products. This is exciting because you can buy and receive stuff instantly. There is currently only one product (a PDF of my NESCBWI workshop), but I intend to fill this section with tutorials, videos, and digital comics in the future, so keep an eye on this page.

  • People can now leave comments or reviews on the product pages. If you buy anything from me, I would love to hear any feedback, good or bad, about the what you purchased. It will help me improve the products and store in the future, and will also help shoppers as they make buying decisions. Thanks for your support!

To browse the store, go here:

Spacedock 7 – Sci-Fi Webcomic Portal


If you have been following my webcomic My Sister, the Freak or are a comics fan in general, I’ve got a great announcement for you!

Several of my artist friends and I have started up a new website called Spacedock 7. Check it out at!

Seven creators, seven comics. This site will serve as the central hub for them all.

Each comic is sci-fi related. That means lots of aliens, spaceships, robots, planets, and babes. What’s not to like about that? Each artist has different styles and tastes, and it’s neat to see how each one handles the genre.

The rest of the SD7 crew includes Otis Frampton, Mike Maihack, Joel Carroll, Eddie Pittman, Grant Gould, and Katie Cook. If you are unfamiliar with any of these artists, please go check out their work because they are all awesome.

With the seven of us, we are each updating our comics on a different day of the week. MStF will reside on Saturdays. For the rest of the week, be sure to visit Spacedock 7 to get your daily sci-fi webcomic fix!

Improving Your Online Presence

Thoughts from NESCBWI 2010

Last week at the New England SCBWI conference, I taught a workshop called 10 Ways Artists Can Improve Their Online Presence. During the class, I talked about various ways and methods that I have used to market myself on the internet. As some of you might know, I have a blog, a Twitter account, a Ustream show, and a smattering of other online profiles in various places across the web. They have all helped me network with industry people, improve my artwork, learn about the business, and sell stuff.

In my workshop, I did my best to share some of the lessons I have learned along the way. These are some of the more important points I brought up during the conference:

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NESCBWI 2010 Recap


I just came back from spending the weekend in Fitchburg, MA for the annual New England Regional SCBWI conference. As always, it was an inspiring and educational trip.

The picture at the top of this article is the poster I drew for the competition this year. There were lots of great entries and some talented artists and friends garnered some awards. Congrats!

I got to meet and re-meet many cool artists. Some of them were folks I already knew from Twitter, and it was great to speak to them face to face for the first time. Be sure to check out their work and their websites. They are all swell people!

I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. If I did, I apologize – there were sooo many people there!

I also attended workshops taught by Matt Phelan (“Writing the Graphic Novel”), Jennifer Morris (“Photoshop Techniques for Illustrators”), and Frank Dormer (“Thinking Before You Draw”). All of them were excellent and very educational. I also had brief run-ins with some talented writers like Mitali Perkins and Cynthia Lord. They are very kind and gracious ladies.

This was also a special conference for me because I taught my own workshop for the first time. It was called “10 Ways Artists Can Improve Their Online Presence”. I mostly talked about online marketing, and my love of Twitter. :) (Seriously, if you’re not on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for?) I hope to make another blog post soon about some of the specific topics and tips I talked about. Thank you to everyone who showed up and chatted with me at the workshop!

Now, with the conference over, it’s time to take all the advice, critiques, and inspiration and start revamping my artwork.

If you’ve never attended a conference like this, I highly recommend it. The NESCBWI conference in particular is always very good. I’m looking forward to next year. If you come, look for me and say hi.