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Ustream Return

This is a reminder that my daily Ustream broadcasts will resume starting Monday July 20 at 7 PM ET.

The show broadcasts every weekday – Monday nights at 7 PM and Tuesdays-Fridays at 10 AM ET.

I have been taking a break from my Ustream broadcasts in order to revamp the show and get other tasks done (like restructure this website). I have a few new things planned for the show, including a large ongoing project and a few Photoshop demos. Plus, I will be resuming the Friday doodle giveaways. Please visit the Dani Draws LIVE page for more info and full schedule details.

About Dani Draws LIVE

In case you are unfamiliar with the show…

Dani Draws Live is a live web stream that I broadcast from my studio every weekday. It is powered by the site During the show, I create sketches, paintings, and illustrations, both digitally and traditionally. Viewers may interact via chat, and I will answer questions and respond to comments.

Hope to see you Monday!

Video #18: Hockey Chicken


Video: Hockey Chicken (Quicktime, 2:52, 8.68 MB)

This is one of my Daily Doodles that I drew during an episode of my Ustream show. Created with ballpoint pen and watercolor.

This is a good example of the kinds of sketches I make on my Ustream broadcast. The show is currently on break, but returns soon on July 20 at 7PM ET. Come by and chat!

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The New

All of my major sites are now living under one roof –!

This is a big step for me, and if you have been following my work for awhile, you know what I mean. I love experimenting and starting new projects, especially web-based ones. After a while, however, I realized I was spreading myself too thin, and it was beginning to be too difficult to keep track of everything.

It took a little work and figuring out, but now EVERYTHING has been combined into one url.

The sites that have been integrated include:

  • – Until now, this blog has featured only tutorials, articles, and videos for artists and illustrators. I am now going to use it as my main sketch blog as well. hasn’t gone away – it’s just bigger and better. It also now resides on the Blog page.

  • Art Blog – This was my sketch blog I held over on It is now combined with the previous version of the blog on the Blog page.

  • – My main illustration portfolio. The url still technically exists, but will now be redirected here. It is now the new front page.

  • Doodles – This blog where I was archiving my Daily Doodles and original art for sale at is now going to exist as the Store section.

In the next few weeks, I plan to shut down or redirect the extraneous sites, so please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. If you were a regular visitor, please now bookmark, as the main address now holds my static portfolio. The feed address hasn’t changed – – it’s just going to house more stuff from now on (and be updated a lot more often). You can delete all the other “Dani” feeds you are subscribed to (I know, there were a lot).

I hope this makes keeping up with me a whole lot easier (I know it will GREATLY simplify my life).

I’m sure there will be a few more kinks and bugs to iron out in the near future. If you run into any problems while browsing the site, please let me know.

Multimedia Experiment

Animals Multimedia

Nowadays, almost all of my illustration work is digital. This has been a conscious decision on my part because I it is easier for me, and I think my work comes out better. However, I’ve recently been re-visiting a lot of traditional media, and I thought I would do a little experiment.

I made one sketch and finished it multiple times, using a different medium for each painting. I thought it would be a good way to see the unique qualities of the mediums, and help me get a sense of the advantages/disadvantages of each.

For more info about the paint and supplies that I use, check out my previous post Paint, Paper, and Pencils.

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