Monthly Archives: June 2009

Paint, Paper, and Pencils

Niji Waterbrush


Over the past several months, I have shared my painting process on my Ustream channel, and have received a lot of questions about my art supplies. Here is a comprehensive list of the traditional painting materials that I have used thus far, if you are interested in trying them out for yourself.

You can watch me paint and draw live every weekday. Please view the Dani Draws Live info page to stay up-to-date with the show schedule. To see examples of the work I’ve made with these materials, visit

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Artists and the Web

I recently made a guest appearance on a podcast by fellow artist Chris Oatley. Chris’s work includes freelance illustration, comics, and visual development for the animation industry. His podcast is called Chris Oatley’s ArtCast, and can be found on the web at or on iTunes. I highly recommend you take a listen.

Chris contacted me a while back and we have been having an on-again off-again conversation about artists and the web ever since. Both of us share a philosophy of teaching, learning, and sharing, and want to encourage the same throughout the artist community.

I admire Chris and the work he has done so far. He has a blog where he shares his work and art in-progress, he is open and honest while talking about art in his podcast, and he also creates video tutorials where he teaches digital painting tips. He is absolutely dedicated to creating and sharing, and I can’t help seeing a kindred spirit in him.

In the episode of his podcast, we are joined by animator and motion graphics designer Paul Caggegi of The Process Diary, and we discuss the ever-growing importance of the web in the lives of artists everywhere in the hope that we encourage other artists to get started with their own web presence and creations.

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Little Red Riding Hood Auction


The original art from my recent Ustream drawing jam with writer and artist Otis Frampton is now up for sale on eBay.

On May 27 and June 3, Otis and I each drew our own version of the story Little Red Riding Hood, and then colored each other’s drawings. You can view the process for these illustrations here: Part 1 | Part 2

Both pieces are 8.5″x11″ and were drawn and inked on smooth bristol board. I colored Otis’ drawing with watercolor; he finished mine with marker and colored pencil.

The auction will run for three days, so bid fast.

Click here to bid.

Daily Doodles – May 2009

Here are some of my favorite sketches that I’ve made in the last month or so. I am really really enjoying getting to experiment with different media and creating crazy characters. I may just have to start illustrating with traditional paint again.

You can view my complete set of doodles, which I make every day, on my daily doodles blog: