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You’re Invited: Special Ustream Broadcast Event

UPDATE #2: Thanks again to everyone who came by for part 2 of our joint broadcast. If you missed the second show, you can view it here:

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who showed up for part 1 of the Ustream drawing jam. The next show will occur Wednesday June 3 at 9 PM ET. Hope to see you there! If you missed the first show, you can view it here:

On Wednesday May 27 at 9 PM ET, I will be holding a joint Ustream broadcast with writer/artist Otis Frampton. The show will feature a live drawing jam where each artist will draw something based on a pre-selected theme. This will be part 1 of 2; the second part will be held next week, where we will color each other’s drawings.

This is sure to be a fun and unique event. Please come, watch, and chat.

For the event, Otis and I will each be broadcasting from our respective shows. You must have each show open in order to see both sides of the jam.

Because of this, I created a special page where you can watch and chat with each show simultaneously:

However, if for any reason you have trouble viewing here, you can also open each individual show page on Ustream.

Otis Frampton Live:

Dani Draws:

Hope to see you there!

More info about Dani Draws Live:

New Home for Daily Doodles

I recently created a new site for my Daily Doodles. It will feature not only the doodles, but also other original paintings and illustrations. All art will be available for sale. I will still post an occasional doodle here, but if you want to see each and every one that I make each day, please subscribe to the new blog here:
And remember, I draw every weekday on Ustream. Come and chat while I work live. Mondays @ 7 PM EST (NEW night show) and Tuesdays – Fridays @ 10 AM EST.

How to Make Your Portfolio iPhone-Compatible

Iphone 01

When speaking about artists’ websites, an art director recently made a comment that caught my attention – he is annoyed when he can’t view them on his iPhone.

The comment was half-joke, half-serious, but it brought up an important point. You never know what potential clients are out there, and what they are using to view your work.

And so I went home and made an iPhone version of my web portfolio.

Why make an iPhone website? Is it necessary?

No, I don’t think every artist should go and make an iPhone portfolio right this minute. Quite frankly, I don’t expect a lot of visitors to my mobile site. However, I DO think artists should keep these ideas in mind. The use of iPhones and other mobile phones is on the rise, and artists should always be thinking of ways to make it easier for clients to access their work. At the very least, avoid flash and multi-media rich websites that don’t work on mobile platforms.

It was a fun experiment and it didn’t take long to create at all. I know it will make at least one art director happy, so that alone is worth it.

So if you have the know-how and a little bit of time, I say it’s worth the extra bit of effort. It might not matter to most of your clients – but it might mean the world to the few who happen to be on an iPhone.

Here is an in-depth review of how I put the site together.

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