Monthly Archives: March 2009

Hello world. It’s me, Dani.

I rarely draw pictures of myself, but someone suggested I make a self-portrait in my cute drawing style, so I did. Sketch was done with ballpoint pen and watercolor.

The sketch was done during a live uStream session. Here’s the video:

Also includes a small tour of my workspace and a sketch of a cute bunny. Note that there’s no audio for the first 8 minutes because I forgot to turn the mic on. Sorry.

I draw live every weekday at 10 AM EST, if you care to join me.

New Zazzle Products

I recently revamped my Zazzle store and put in some new merchandise, including mugs, stickers, and large-format posters. I also plan to add more in the near future, so keep a look out.

I was also pleasantly surprised to be featured on Zazzle’s front page last week, as one of “Today’s Best” for March 6. Awesome. Thanks Zazzle folks!

My store: