Dani Draws Live uStream Update


Earlier this month, I officially announced my new uStream channel, which allows for me to broadcast LIVE while I am painting and drawing.

Since these videos are live, viewers can make comments (via chat) as I am working and I can respond to them. This past week, I have also started doing audio commentary for the first time.

I am going to try broadcasting daily at 10 AM EST. Each session lasts about an hour, during which you are welcome to come and go as you please. Should I add or cancel any sessions, I will also keep a schedule posted on this page: http://danidraws.com/dani-draws-live/.

Here are some videos of the sessions so far. I have edited and sped-up the videos here, but the full real-time archive is also available on the uStream channel page at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dani-draws.




Come join in for the next broadcast to watch and chat. See you there!