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Dani Draws Live uStream Update


Earlier this month, I officially announced my new uStream channel, which allows for me to broadcast LIVE while I am painting and drawing.

Since these videos are live, viewers can make comments (via chat) as I am working and I can respond to them. This past week, I have also started doing audio commentary for the first time.

I am going to try broadcasting daily at 10 AM EST. Each session lasts about an hour, during which you are welcome to come and go as you please. Should I add or cancel any sessions, I will also keep a schedule posted on this page:

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uStream Sketches

These are some sketches that I painted last week. All of them were colored during live broadcasts from my new uStream channel at You can view the archived videos here:

These uStream broadcasts have been really fun to do. Viewers can interact via a chat window, and I can comment on my process as I am working. Starting next week, I am going to try to broadcast daily at 10 AM EST. Each session lasts about an hour. For more info and full schedule, please visit this page:

As always, comments, critiques, and questions are always welcome.

Here’s a small teaser, recorded from one of the broadcasts (more video snippets here):

Watch Me Draw LIVE!

What is this video, you ask? This is my uStream channel. Here, you will be able to see me draw and paint LIVE!

Basically, this channel will contain the same kinds of stuff that I put in my podcast videos, but in real time. If you catch the broadcast live, you can post questions and comments in the chat window, and I will be able to respond to them.


The next live painting will occur tomorrow, February 12 at 10 AM EST. UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who joined the broadcast! I will do some more live drawing soon. Please visit the schedule for future dates.

I have no regular schedule yet, but I will post future show times on this page: You can also keep track of me on Twitter.

Each session will be recorded so they will be available for later viewing should you miss it.

A few uStream basics:

  • If the uStream logo on the video says “Pre-Recorded”, the stream is not live.
  • If you see my name logged into the chat window (“danidraws”), I am available to respond to questions/comments.
  • You can view and participate in the broadcasts here, or view my main uStream page at

Enjoy! Hope to see you there…

Daily Doodles – January 2009

Here’s a selection of some of my favorite Daily Doodles from last month. I took a break during the holidays, and then for a vacation at the end of last month. But otherwise, I’ve been keeping up. You can view the rest of my recent sketches here:

The originals are also for sale in my store. Thanks to everyone who have made purchases recently!