Video #17: Franky


Video: Franky (Quicktime, 2:28, 3.85 MB)

As October comes to a close, here is a small Halloween treat for you. It is a quick painting I made from one of my Daily Doodle sketches. I liked experimenting with painting right on top of a heavy texture. Enjoy!


YouTube link:



First, I took my sketch and put it on its own layer with the mode set to Multiply. I put the texture on another layer beneath it, and lowered its opacity.


Next, I changed the background color underneath the texture, then painted some additional oranges and yellows to give it some interest. I also colorized the line drawing to a red/brownish color.


I added another layer on top of everything and painted some basic colors.


On top of my base colors, I put a little shading and texture.


Then I continued to paint in the details and refine the painting.


When everything was done, I adjusted the colors and contrast slightly until it was just right.