New Design

So, I’ve already made it known that I love to change the look of my websites – and maybe a bit too often. But I think it was due for a change around here. It was getting much too cluttered.

I hope you enjoy the new look. If you’re reading this from a feed, drop by the home site for a visit.

New features:

  • simpler look
  • comprehensive site index to help browse articles and find specific topics
  • and hopefully more posts in the near future. Drop me an email if you have requests/questions.
  • Also, don’t forget this recent addition:

  • my Twitter feed – a great way to ask questions, share links, chat, or just find out what I’m up to.

UPDATE: Based on feedback, it seems that the site isn’t working properly in Internet Explorer. I don’t know how to fix this yet, so sorry for the inconvenience. If any web-saavy readers out there know of a fix, please let me know.

UPDATE #2: Okay, IE issues should be fixed now. Thanks Jared and Mitch for your help!