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Book of the Month: Making Comics

This book is several years old and tons of artists and websites have recommended it already, but I’m going to put in my two cents anyway in case you happened to have missed this gem.

Making Comics by Scott McCloud is just what the title suggests – a book about making comics. What makes this book especially fun is that entire book is written and drawn in a comic format.

Even if you’re not interested in drawing comics, it still has a lot to offer about storytelling and basic art principles. Any illustrator can learn a ton from this book. McCloud explains all the topics simply, yet interestingly, and includes different exercises and techniques to help the reader absorb the concepts along the way.

You can get a good idea of the format of the book on Scott’s website where he has posted a small sample, called Chapter 5 1/2. It expands upon Chapter 5 in his book “Tools, Techniques, and Technology”. It includes a tutorial and notes that cover optimizing color art for the web.

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Taking on Illustration Friday‘s topic of “Sail” this week… I actually made more than one illo!

Started off with a pretty straightforward sketch:

Then I tried to make something other than a boat, and sketched out this bird. Still don’t really know how it applies. Probably because it’s “sailing” through the air.

Then I created a sailor. To switch it up, I finished it as a black line drawing in Illustrator instead of painting it.

Illustrating a Children’s Story, Part 6


Whew! After starting this back in FEBRUARY, I’ve finally gotten this project done! I’ve received lots of good feedback – I could have tweaked and tweaked this forever, but I decided I’ve got to stop somewhere and send it out already…

In case you haven’t followed along with this project in my other posts, here is the entire series:

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