Art and Learning Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the Art and Learning Contest. Congratulations artists!

First Place: Jonathan Baker


Jonathan’s tutorial walks through some of his traditional painting techniques as he creates a pulp/noir style comic book cover.

I loved Jonathan’s tutorial because he used so many different techniques. I’m a big fan of mixed media and spontaneity, which Jonathan embraces in the making of this painting.

Jonathan has created a detailed PDF outlining his process, but as a bonus, he was also able to put together a video slideshow. Kudos for the extra effort!



Second Place: Emily Gonsalves




Emily’s entry explains how to create a comic in Adobe Illustrator. I’ve covered this topic before myself (here, here, and here), but I think Emily gives a lot of added insight. I’m not a comic artist – I don’t work in that style regularly and I don’t use Illustrator that often – so it’s great to have someone like Emily to showcase here. Even if you’ve combed through my former tutorials, you should be able to learn something new from her. I certainly did!

Emily’s tutorial is also in the form of a PDF, and a beautiful PDF it is. It is well laid out, easy to read, and filled with extra tips, illustrations, and explanations besides the main article.



Bonus: Dani Duck

Unfortunately, this submission just missed winning a prize, but it was a great submission nonetheless, and I wanted to share it.

Dani (no relation :)) has written a tutorial that outlines her traditional painting process. She uses a variety of media and materials including acrylics, matte medium, and colored pencil. The entire process is covered, from pencil sketch to finish, creating a toned value painting first and adding thin layers of color on top.

Drawing1 1 Drawing3 1 Drawing4 1


Have an Art Tip?

Well, the contest is over, but if any of you have your own tutorials, tips, podcasts, videos, etc. to share, continue to send them my way! I’d be happy to link/showcase my favorites here on the site (or in my brand new Twitter feed). As always, Happy Drawing!

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