News: Contest Extension and a Twitter Feed

Hello all. A couple of quick items you should be aware of:

Art and Learning Contest deadline extended

In one of my earlier posts, I accidentally posted the wrong due date. To make up for it, I’ve extended the deadline, and I will continue to take entries from now through Friday July 25, 2008. If you were thinking of submitting, but didn’t, now’s a good time to send in those entries!

Sorry if my typo caused any confusion, and thanks to those who have already submitted.

More info about the contest here.

New Twitter Feed

I recently opened up a Twitter account. You can follow me here:

If you don’t know what Twitter is, it is basically like a text-only micro-blog. I will be using this feed to let you know what I’m up to and share interesting links. More info about Twitter here.

Note: A few of you were already following my feed when Twitter mysteriously decided to wipe you all out from my Followers list, plus all of my own subscriptions. So, if you were previously following me, you may have to re-subscribe.