Book of the Month: The Art of Kung Fu Panda redux


Well, it is now past the midway point in June and I just realized that I never posted a new Book of the Month. So, I would like to take a moment and reiterate last month’s recommendation, The Art of Kung Fu Panda.

Since my original post, when the book was only available for pre-order, I have purchased the book for myself and have seen the film for which it was made. All I’ve got to say is this…


A character designer’s must-have.

If you’re a fan of character design, you will not be disappointed, as this thing is chock full of sketches and development art. It’s amazing to see the difference between the chunky preliminary designs and the final versions that made it into the movie. The major hero behind all this is the artist Nicolas Marlet, who was the main designer for all the characters in the film. (There is a nice interview with him over at

How about the movie?

Well, to top it off, the movie itself is a gem, which makes owning this book that much more awesome. Highly recommended!

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