Bad News in the Illustration Industry – PLEASE READ

Don't buy this book!

A really bad case of plagiarism and an awful copyright law has made me very uneasy over the past few weeks.

Art and interviews stolen and put on sale for $100.

I received a disturbing email last week from Darren Di Lieto, the creator of the illustration news portal the Little Chimp Society. He recently found out about a book being published that plagiarizes content from his site. The book is called Colorful Illustrations 93°C, and it has not only reprinted the website’s artist interviews word-for-word, but it has also swiped tons of images from both LCS and the artists’ websites.

Please read Darren’s blog post to get the entire story. He is having trouble finding the publisher (which seems to be a fake) and the resellers he has contacted are unwilling to take the book off the shelves. Please do what you can to help spread the word – write a blog post, email your friends, and mark Darren’s post on social bookmarking and community websites. If the issue becomes big enough, it will help his efforts greatly. And most of all, do NOT buy this book!

Orphaned Works Bill returns

From Shawna Tenney on the Children’s Book Blog for Illustrators:

Calling for help from ALL ARTISTS!!

There is a bill called the Orphaned Works Bill that basically states that unless you register everything you’ve ever created within the past 34 years with multiple companies than your works will be considered orphaned and that means anyone can use them without your permission. Anyone can make money from your hard work except for you! And if someone else happens to register one of your works under their own name, then it suddenly becomes illegal for you to use your own work! THIS BILL LEGALIZES THEFT!! This is unbelievable.

This is very important. Every artist needs to know about this. Please pass this on to any artist or anyone who works in a creative field. This bill has not come out yet, so you can’t contact your legislature yet. But when it comes out, we will need help from every single artist.

Please educate yourself about this issue and do what you can to help put this bill to rest. Start by visiting the Illustrators Partnership of America’s website.

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I’ve had copyright issues with my artwork before, and I found these two stories to be especially disturbing. If you are a professional artist or seeking to be one, I urge you to keep up with issues like these and do what you can to support your industry. Protect your artwork and educate as many people as you can!