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Tugeau 2 Blog

My agent started up a blog recently. All of the artists will be contributing along with Nicole Tugeau, the headmistress. :) This is going to be a very fun and unique venture; I haven’t seen too many blogs quite like this one (and I read a lot of blogs…hehe).

This is a great opportunity to get a different perspective on the children’s illustration industry. We’re still experimenting with the content and direction of the blog, so if you have any feedback, please let us know! Submit questions, comments, and suggestions to the artists; and if you want to learn more about the business from an art rep’s point-of-view, I’m sure Nicole would love to hear from you!

Visit the blog at

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75 Artists You Must Know and Where to Find Them


Great artists educate you, influence your style, and inspire great artwork by setting a high standard. But how familiar are you really with illustration history? I asked myself this the other day and was ashamed to realize that my knowledge was a bit fuzzy.

So, I started to research some of the great artists that influence illustrators today. This list is the result. If you are a student, practitioner, or fan of illustration, I truly believe you should know all these artists by name and their work.

I am certain I’ve left out plenty of great artists that deserve to be on this list. If you know of any artist or link that I failed to include, please leave a comment on this post. Now…click away!

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Friend Magazine Illustrations

I just received my copy of Friend Magazine. This month, my illustrations are being used in the “Trying to Be Like Jesus” section. Check them out if you have access to a copy.

Here are the original illustrations:

Book of the Month: How to Draw and Paint Crazy Cartoon Characters


There are tons of drawing, painting, and cartooning books out there, and only a handful of them really capture my attention.

Well, I just ordered How to Draw and Paint Crazy Cartoon Characters. It contains tons of great artwork and includes tips, history, and advice that will truly help all you animators, children’s book illustrators, comic book artists, and caricaturists out there.

The author Vincent Woodcock has worked in the animation business as an animator, director, and character designer. His credits include films such as Space Jam and The Tigger Movie.

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