Cheap Software for Artists at MacHeist


If you work on a Mac computer, take a look at this.

There is a popular project going on right now called MacHeist. Through this site, you can grab up to 12 pieces of software for under $50. This is an extremely great deal, as most of the software is worth $20, $30, or even $70 if bought by itself.

I mention it here because there are a few applications included in the bundle that may interest readers of this site. Like…

    Macheist01iStopMotion – This is a simple, but powerful application that enables you to create stop-motion movies with a webcam. Great for any novice animators or filmmakers out there.

    Macheist02Snapz Pro X – This is a video capture program, which is great for artists who like to make digital painting demos, like the ones I include on this site. I currently use another program called iShowU, which I chose because of its cheaper price. But Snapz Pro includes a bunch of other features, so I’m pleased that I will now be able to use this program as well.

    Macheist03Pixelmator – This is a new Photoshop-like program that looks really promising. This app will only become available after so many bundles are sold, but at the rate it is going, it seems pretty likely that this will happen. This program won’t be as powerful as Photoshop, but I can’t wait to try it out anyway. It could be good for artists on a budget.

    Update: Pixelmator is now available to everyone who buys the bundle!

For these three programs alone, it is well worth the $49 price tag. But you will also get a whole bunch of other fun and useful applications when you buy the bundle. I purchased it a few days ago and am having fun playing with them all.

This is a limited time offer. As of this post, there are only ten days left. To top it all off, a portion of your purchase will go to charity.

Buy the MacHeist bundle now! –>