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Bloggers that Made My Day

The “You Make My Day” award has been making the rounds in the blogosphere recently. In the past week or so, I’ve been honored not one, not two, but THREE times for either this blog or my other blog,

Special thanks to these three lovely ladies. They all make really great artwork, so be sure to check out their blogs!




Thanks a million! You made my day!

Cute Seals

This is from a project I finished a few months ago. I loved the characters and I was pleased with how the color came out. It’s one of my favorite assignments I’ve done recently.

How to Paint Faster


As an illustrator, the faster you can produce images, the better off you’ll be. It means you can fit more jobs into your schedule, which is more money in your pocket. It will also help you hit your deadlines more easily, which is absolutely necessary in this business. If you find you have trouble with this, here’s a few time-saving tips for you.

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Book of the Month: Dream Worlds


When my sister was looking for a Christmas present for my other sister on, she ran across Hans Bacher’s Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation. Neither of us had heard of it before, but upon reading the description we decided it would be a good present for our sister, who is a big animation art fan.

Hans Bacher works as a professional artist and production designer. He had a major influence in such films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Mulan. The book spans his work in these films and more.

When I finally got to look at a copy of this book, I wasn’t disappointed. I’m a big fan of “Art of” books, and it was great to see great artwork from a variety of different films in one volume. And in the text, Bacher delves into the role of a production designer specifically, which you can’t really find in any other book out there. You don’t have to be an animator to appreciate this stuff either — his views on color, design, decision-making, and research are useful for anyone loves to draw, paint, and sketch.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the “Unproductive” section near the end, which highlights a bunch of funny doodles that he and his co-workers made during boring meetings. What artist can’t relate to that?

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News and Tidbits for 2008

The new year is here, and I’m trying to get back into blogging mode. If you have a suggestion for a tutorial or article or video, please send them in.

Until I get a new post written, here’s a few miscellaneous things that have popped up on my radar in the past week or so: named one of the “Must-read Art Blogs for 2008”

This honor came from, another blog that I respect tremendously. If you haven’t visited it yet, now is a good time to get a head start on a new year of great art tips, product reviews, and featured artists. Thanks, EmptyEasel!

Axiotron’s Modbook is Now Shipping

The Modbook was announced nearly a year ago, and I’ve been drooling ever since. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a tablet-style MacBook computer. You can see a video review for it at With all the digital painting I do, I’m seriously considering if I can afford what is essentially a $3000 sketchbook. Until then, if any of you out there are lucky enough to own one, or have at least tried it out, PLEASE let me know!

Nominate for the Bloggies

Voting is now open for the 8th Annual Weblog Awards. I thought it would be fun to try, so if you have a moment, enter me in for “Best Art or Craft Weblog.”

And a Big THANK YOU…

…to everyone who has donated over the past few weeks. It really made my holiday. I will try my best to make the blog bigger and better in the coming year!