Book of the Month: Elfis


Looking for a great holiday gift? Try Elfis, a great Christmas picture book that was digitally illustrated using many of the techniques outlined on this website.

Yes, this book was illustrated by me. But it is the holiday season, this is a holiday book, and this is my website, so I think I’m entitled to some shameless self-promotion every once in awhile.

I really appreciate everyone who decides to buy this book, so to show my gratitude, I’m going to be offering a special gift this month only. If you buy a copy anytime in December (or if you’ve already bought the book), I’ll send you a signed bookplate for free. Please read on for full details.

Claim your free gift…

  1. Buy Elfis before the end of the month.

  2. Email a copy of your receipt, which shows you bought the book on or before December 31, 2007, to (First, remove any pertinent credit card or personal info you don’t want me to see. But between you and me, I won’t steal your identity or anything, I promise.)

  3. Include your mailing address.

  4. Include a name with correct spelling if you want it written to someone specific.

  5. I’ll send you a signed bookplate in the mail. Easy as pie!

If you want the book in time for Christmas, I would order soon (I believe Amazon’s cut-off point is December 18 for Standard shipping rates). Please note that I won’t be able to send the bookplate itself on time.

And for more holiday fun, here’s a few of my personal favorite Christmas picture books:

Happy Holidays, everyone!