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The Coolest Christmas Present

I just had a wonderful Christmas with my family. I hope all of you have a Happy New Year.

And I have to share a cool story… Some time ago, my sister wrote to Glen Keane (the guy who animated Disney’s Ariel and Tarzan) and asked if he would make a sketch for me. And, lo and behold, he did! My sister received it just in time to surprise me on Christmas.

Over the Moon

This cute illustration is based on an old photo of my grandparents. It is meant to be a surprise for them, but I’m pretty certain they don’t read this blog. However, Nana, if you’re reading this, sorry to spoil it for you. :)

Five Ways to Create Textures Completely in Photoshop


I like creating new textures, and I’ve written about how to use them in digital paintings before. Most of the time, making textures involves getting out some scrap mat board or bits of paper, and just going to town with some acrylic paint, gesso, and modeling paste.

I think of it as play time, because anything goes. You can spray, drip, or even fingerpaint. You’re not worried about creating anything concrete or beautiful; you’re just setting out to find what kinds of things you can do with your tools and to stretch your limits a bit.

This can be a really useful exercise for traditional painters, because 1) you can use whatever textures and effects you create for future paintings, and 2) you learn a lot about the materials you are working with.

Well, I think digital painters need a little play time too.

So, here are five exercises I’ve come up with to help inspire you to play with your digital paint. And the best part is you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards.

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Question: What Do You Want For Christmas?

Wacom Cintiq 12WX

What is on your holiday wish list this year? Are you looking for small but dispensable goodies, or big drool-worthy toys? Is there something new that you can’t wait to get your hands on? Is there an art book you must add to your collection?

If you know of something cool that other art/illustration/technology geeks who read this blog would enjoy, please let us know in the comments. Read on to see what I’m craving this Christmas season.

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New Kitten

Santa brought this little guy to my sister early this year. She named him George Bailey (from It’s a Wonderful Life) because she wanted him to have a Christmas name.

It’s amazing how big your other cats look when you’ve got a little one running around.

Book of the Month: Elfis


Looking for a great holiday gift? Try Elfis, a great Christmas picture book that was digitally illustrated using many of the techniques outlined on this website.

Yes, this book was illustrated by me. But it is the holiday season, this is a holiday book, and this is my website, so I think I’m entitled to some shameless self-promotion every once in awhile.

I really appreciate everyone who decides to buy this book, so to show my gratitude, I’m going to be offering a special gift this month only. If you buy a copy anytime in December (or if you’ve already bought the book), I’ll send you a signed bookplate for free. Please read on for full details.

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