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A Few Notes and an Anniversary launched in November of 2006. Since then, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of feedback and support I’ve gotten from all you readers. So…


I’ve been slow to post stuff recently because the holidays have been kinda hectic, but I have more great articles, tutorials, and other ideas in store for the site, so stay tuned!

And if you have any specific questions or suggestions for articles, be sure to send them in ( A lot of you have already done so in the comments sections, so be patient with me as I sort through them…

And to all you American readers out there, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Discover Something New

This is just a quick post to let you all know that I’ve rearranged a few things on the front page of the website. Most notably, I’ve created an index in my left sidebar to make it easier to find some articles that are stuck in my archives. If you are new to the site and haven’t seen some of my earlier articles, now is a good time to do some exploring!

How to Draw Children


At first, drawing children doesn’t seem like that much of a challenge. I mean, you take so many figure drawing courses in art school and you start to think you can draw pretty good. And if you’re good at drawing adults, drawing kids should be pretty easy, right? Well, after you’ve tried dozens and dozens of times, and all you come up with are a bunch of freaky midget creatures, you start to realize how wrong you were.

I realized this shortly after I graduated from school and decided to go into children’s publishing. My first assignments were, I admit, less than stellar. But I’ve learned a few things along the way, so I thought I would share some tips with you all.

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Book of the Month: Spiderwick’s Field Guide


This month’s featured book is Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You. (I also noticed there is a new edition, to tie-in with the upcoming movie, available to pre-order here.) I’ve chosen it because I just went to go see Tony DiTerlizzi’s show at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, and it was absolutely amazing!

Tony DiTerlizzi is the wonderful illustrator of The Spiderwick Chronicles, a popular children’s book series. The Field Guide is a reference to an Audobon-like book that the main character uses in the story. It features illustrations and notes about such creatures as sprites, fairies, trolls, and brownies. The level of skill and detail that DiTerlizzi puts into the illustrations is sure to inspire you. And this book is chock-full of them, featuring pencil sketches, full color paintings, big fold-out pages, and more.

The Spiderwick Chronicles are being made into a movie that will be released next February. The Eric Carle Museum is showcasing the books’ journey “from page to screen,” featuring lots of great original illustrations, concept artwork, and movie props. It was a big treat for me, because I’m a huge movie fan also. The show runs until the end of January 2008, so if you are near Amherst, Massachusetts at all, you MUST go check it out!

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