Question: What Are Your Favorite Artist Websites?

I just got done giving my portfolio website a major overhaul (you can check it out here: Whenever I go through a major design change like this, I’m always thinking about what I can do better and how I can improve upon my previous website design. Much of this pondering comes with a lot of visits to other artist’s sites; I look at what works, what doesn’t, and what kinds of things I would like to do on my own site.

So, the question I would like to ask you is:

Which portfolio websites do you like, and why?

Is there an especially outstanding site that you would like to share with your fellow readers? Perhaps you enjoy how the artist has arranged his portfolio. Or maybe the site has a spectacular design. Maybe the site just has unique features that you haven’t seen anywhere else. Whatever the reason, I want to know what’s catching your eye.

My Personal Favorite

I see a lot of great artist sites out there, but I always seem to go back to the website of LeUyen Pham ( She is a children’s illustrator and has had many picture books published. I normally don’t like flash sites, but I can put aside my bias for this one because of the fun concept and sheer volume of features and high-quality artwork.

If you have any suggestions…

…please leave the link in the comments section. If there is a particular reason you like the site, be sure to point it out. This post will always be open to additions. Perhaps the next time you sit down to redesign your website, you will be able to look here for some inspiration.