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Taking a Break

This is my “I’m super busy and I don’t have enough time to create new posts” post, which you pretty much find on every blog at one time or another.

So, I’m putting on the back burner until I can get my bearings straight again. I’ll continue to come up with some new stuff to post, so be sure to check back in a week or two. You can subscribe via RSS or email to be updated automatically. You can also take a moment to browse through the archive. I’ve reached over 60 posts so far, all filled with cool information.

Thanks for all the comments and emails you guys have been sending. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.

To alleviate some of the pain, here’s a little bit of fun and silliness for all you artists out there…

This clip is from Creature Comforts, created by Aardman Animations. It airs Monday nights on CBS in the U.S.

Color Sketches

This is a small painting I made for fun, using ArtRage. And below are a couple simple color studies that I drew in Photoshop using only the lasso tool. It was really fun. I am showing them here at actual size.

How to Make Your Digital Paint More “Real”

How to Make Your Digital Paint More Real

I like painting on the computer. I think the Layers palette and the Undo button are the greatest inventions in the world. However, I don’t like to create digital-looking artwork.

By “digital”, I am referring to artwork that’s utilizes flat color, precise shapes and curves, and calculated effects. There are plenty of artists out there with this style, and some of them are pretty darn good at it, but I am simply a painter. I like all the playful messiness that it involves. You would probably understand why I don’t like working in Adobe Illustrator that much; I only use it to create some occasional line work. But the advantages of the computer are too great to ignore (not to mention there is a significant lack of clean-up time).

I am constantly working to make my digital paintings look better, richer, and more interesting. Here is a small list of tips that I’ve come up with on my continuing journey.

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Book of the Month: Too Many Cooks

Ratatouille - Too Many Cooks illustrated by Nate Wragg

On June 29th, Pixar will release its latest motion picture, Ratatouille. Tons of promotional material are being put out as a result. This book, called Too Many Cooks, especially caught my eye.

I am a children’s illustrator, so children’s books always draw my attention. Plus I’m a big animation fan. Unfortunately, most books and promotional material that come out for animated movies are often less-than-stellar and feature mediocre illustration. Much to my delight, the makers behind Ratatouille seem to be taking a bit more care in this regard.

Too Many Cooks is a children’s counting book and is illustrated by Nate Wragg, who works as an artist for Pixar. I am a big fan of his work. Nate recently put out another book along with some fellow Pixar artists called The Ancient Book Of Myth And War. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would suggest that you do. I recently bought myself a copy and can tell you personally that it is a great art book.

If its advertisements, art, and studio’s past success are any indication, Ratatouille is set to be a great movie. You can be sure that I will be in a theater somewhere on opening day later this month.

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