Inking Videos

I was doing a little browsing in YouTube and found these videos. I thought I would share them with all of you, since I don’t have another post ready just yet. So, to keep your creative mind fed, here’s some inking tips to inspire you. Also check out my recent Ink and Paint video.

Happy Drawing!

Digital Inks Done Quick

I think this was done in Corel Painter. Notice how he can rotate his canvas around. I really wish Photoshop could do that.

Update: Reader Amit has informed me in the comments section that the program being used in this video is actually Manga Studio Ex.

Jim Lee Inking

I got kinda scared when he poured the ink out like that. And he uses an el cheapo kiddie brush? Cool…

Digital Inking with PVPonline

This guy gets around the inky mess by using Photoshop. He must have a really steady hand.

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