Illustration Link Feast


This is a collection of my favorite art tutorials, resources, and advice that I have found around the web…with a little bit of silliness thrown in.

Some of these links have been around awhile, and some of them are pretty new, but they are all enlightening nonetheless. I’ve tried to target specific pages or sections, as opposed to entire websites, so each will bring you straight to some source of learning, inspiration, or fun. Enjoy, and click away!

  1. Creative block? Apparently I wasn’t the only one to come up with 100 ideas
  2. Interview with the creator of
  3. Portfolio advice, straight from the mouth of an art director
  4. Funny story, many lessons learned
  5. A cool behind the scenes look behind the making of a comic
  6. Awesome inking tutorial
  7. How does an art director evaluate your portfolio?
  8. First-hand account of becoming an illustrator
  9. Portfolio advice from an artists’ agent
  10. Audio interview with the creator of
  11. My favorite Photoshop video tips
  12. General art/illustration tutorial with a little bit of everything
  13. $$ Pricing $$
  14. Sketch to finish digital painting tutorial
  15. My favorite podcast, even if it’s not really art related
  16. Back to the basics…be sure to look at part 2 also
  17. Put some gesture in that drawing!
  18. 9 to 5? It’s not always that easy
  19. Best explanation of “work for hire” that I’ve been able to find
  20. Drawing a perfect circle
  21. Promoting yourself
  22. Learn to draw the figure from your head
  23. Cool Photoshop process, layer by layer
  24. Why Doodle? Because.
  25. Free drawing books for download
  26. What the…?
  27. purty kulers
  28. How to draw a Hobbit
  29. Answers from the illustrators themselves
  30. You might be a designer if…
  31. Seeing the world differently…
  32. Paint it black
  33. The character design process
  34. Drawing Storm Troopers? Cool!
  35. Ok, this is pretty funny. I’m such an art nerd.
  36. Shazam!
  37. A link to some more links
  38. Don’t click unless you have hours of time to kill
  39. Just for fun
  40. Interview with one of my favorite animators
  41. Getting started in children’s book illustration
  42. Free notes and lessons to download
  43. Think critically.
  44. Do you have character?
  45. Make a mess.
  46. Some very long, but interesting Photoshop painting demos
  47. Some free PDF tutorials for digital painters
  48. Photoshop brush downloads
  49. RGB vs. CMYK colors
  50. Thoughts about sketchbooks – be sure to catch all 3 parts

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